Super Mario Run: 10 million downloads and 4 million profits in 24 hours

After all the hype surrounding Nintendo's latest title for iOS, the following data is unlikely to surprise anyone. Last Thursday, super mario race lands on the App Store and quickly appears as the most downloaded application and the one that generates the most profits. Today, App Annie quantifies the success of the first official Mario game for iOS: 10 million downloads and $4 million in profits on the first day of life.

App Annie says it will be interesting to see if Super Mario Run makes it to the top Pokémon GO, the famous Nintendo and Niantic title that has been the protagonist of some videos in which hundreds of people have been seen running to capture a legendary Pokémon. Additionally, the comparison will also be interesting considering the business model used by both games.

Will Super Mario Run compete with Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO has been downloaded 100 million times to get a profit of around $10 million a day for three weeks after its launch, setting a new record on the App Store. App Annie doesn't think Super Mario Run will overtake Pokémon GO:

Pokémon GO uses a freemium model with optional in-app purchases to generate revenue. Its profits on iOS continued to grow in the following weeks as more users began using it. On the other hand, Super Mario Run offers a one-time in-app purchase of €9.99 to unlock the entire game. As a result, payments precede extended play and therefore benefits are more likely to be focused in the early days of the game's life cycle.

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This seems to clarify what we're all thinking: users prefer to play a title by paying for anything and forgetting about in-app purchases, but for developers, the freemium business model is much better in which any user can feel the need to make an in-app purchase at any time if it is small, but we will slow down a bit if the in-app payment is several euros. Which economic model do you prefer?

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