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Super Mario now has an island in Animal Crossing

Super Mario now has an island in Animal Crossing

In these months Super Mario took up a new residence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fans of two of the game’s longest-lived communities, AC Italia and NintendOn, have created an island inspired by the famous Mario and Luigi saga. A way to celebrate the 35 years that have passed since the launch of the first Nintendo game: an important anniversary, which saw celebrations of all kinds.

And to conclude with a flourish, a twinning with one of the most famous games of the moment. If you are curious to dive into the Super Mario island, you can do it using this dream code: DA-5738-6004-3090. In the meantime, we leave you some anticipation on what awaits you.

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Animal Crossing: here is the island inspired by Super Mario

The 35th anniversary of Super Mario has literally thrilled the fans, who have even dedicated it a themed island in the most famous game of the moment, Animal Crossing. Here everything is reminiscent of the incredible world we have known thanks to Nintendo games. There you will find the details of the Mario Kart sets, the fantastic setting of the Kingdom of Mushrooms and even a true reproduction of the Bowser Castle. Not to mention the characters that inhabit the island: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Todbut also Bowser and his terrible Koopa troops.

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The island is a real tribute to Super Mario Bros, created by two of Animal Crossing’s most active communities. An absolutely incredible set, which you can access via a dream code single or in company, or through the multiplayer mode thanks to the events organized by the administrators of the communities. In short, it doesn’t seem to us that there could be a better way to merge two of Nintendo’s best titles together. And indeed, the idea that this twinning has been made possible thanks to the fans makes us understand how important Animal Crossing was during the lockdown, during which the players dedicated themselves to building their own happy island to avoid focusing exclusively on the emergency situation that surrounded them.