Super Mario 64: This is what the game looks like in HD at 60FPS

Kaze Emanuar is the name of a talented mod developer, often engaged in new projects related to Nintendo 64 and its most famous games. These include, of course, Super Mario 64, which the young modder would have managed to run in HD widescreen mode at double the original images. A simple mod will be enough to play the timeless masterpiece one 60FPS: Here is the result.

Super Mario 64 he has never been so beautiful

As explained by Emanuar at the beginning of the video shown here, do this one fashion it wasn't exactly a walk in the park, as one might expect.

The original game runs on Nintendo 64 at around 20-30 frames per second. By simply doubling the frame rate, the game would play animations at double the speed, resulting in total chaos. The modder therefore had to make a series of modifications, working on each image and interpolating the position of the camera.

After successfully obtaining the 60FPSKaze also managed to resolve the original problems deriving from the reduced framerate and linked, above all, to physics and animations.

Reaching the first phase, the second saw the use of a high definition texture package, which added an extra touch of detail to the graphics sector. In some situations the game is even more beautiful to look at, but in others – look at Mario's eyes – the result is rather questionable. It must be said that the use of HD Texture this could cause slight performance slowdowns, as happened to Emanuar itself.

LEGO Italia and Trenitalia together for the arrival of LEGO Super Mario

The mod itself isn't exactly new, but in all likelihood it represents the most stable version released to date. We must certainly appreciate the incredible work done by the boy, which allowed us to form an idea about the appearance of a possible port of this title.

Anyone interested in trying this “alternative” version of Super Mario 64 you can download the mod for free by clicking here.