Super Mario 64: Nintendo blocks 4K port for PC

The unofficial PC port of the famous Nintendo 64 title, Super Mario 64has already been blocked by the lawyers of Nintendo.

Super Mario 64: Port locked in the bud

Some “Mariomaniacs” recently completed the incredible task of reverse engineering Super Mario 641996 title for Nintendo 64, make an unofficial version for PC. Without the need for an emulator or anything else, the title can be run instantly on a PC with just a few clicks. Nintendo, however, was far from impressed by this technical feat, launching its own lawyers to try to block the downloads.

The PC version of the title allows you to fully utilize the power and advanced features of a Modern GPUand understands the support for the most disparate resolutions (such as ultrawide and 4K / Ultra HD) and for the latest controllers. All the features that the original title can't offer, for obvious reasons.

TorrentFreak reports that Nintendo lawyers have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against the sites hosting the download, as well as against players who recovered from ported play sessions. The lawyers say it is « an unauthorized derivative work based on Nintendo's copyrighted work. » You may still find links that currently work, but they will likely be removed and blocked shortly.

However, with the file now present on the network, it is unlikely that Nintendo will be able to completely remove it from the web. It's more likely that it will just become very hard to find.

If you don't want to take any risks but still want to play this classic, you might be in luck: it is rumored that Nintendo could soon release a port, this time official, for Nintendo Switchwith other great classics Super Mario Galaxy.

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