Super Arc Light, defend our circle in the app of the week

New week, new free application offered by Apple in its application store. This time we have another game, the type of application that is most offered in this promotion. The game is called Super arc light And I can't say that I'm passionate about it. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this because it seems bad to me, but because it's one of those types of games where we have to concentrate or we'll die within seconds of playing.

Super Arc Light reminds me of a very old game where we had to blow up a lot of missiles or they would end up destroying our world. We we are a triangle moving in a circle and we have to draw other triangles as we approach our “arc”.

Super Arc Light, another game for nerves of steel

Our character, or rather the triangle will constantly move around the central circle. If we touch the screen, the triangle will change the direction of rotation. If we take into account that we have to shoot our enemies and that we are always on the move, we will have to have aim, luck or a lot of skill, something that I must admit that I did not have at when I tried this game.

Our enemies are the white triangles, but they will turn red when they get to a dangerous distance. Also weapons will appear which we will have to shoot to be able to catch them, so it is worth waiting a little time to be able to properly enjoy the game.

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As we always say, the best we can do is download Super Arc Light now that it's available. available for free to decide what to do with it later. Personally, this time I won't say that I'm going to leave it installed on my iPhone, maybe because it's summer and the heat makes me want another type of game that I don't get into so nervous.

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