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Super Animal Royale dives into the summer with a new event

Super Animal Royale dives into the summer with a new event

Modus Games and Pixile Studios have announced that Super Animal Royale is ready to kick off the summer with a new event. Fun content is already available for all players: let’s find out all the details together.

Super Animal Royale is the new summer event

The new limited summer event of Super Animal Royale will be available until July 20 so hurry up. Collect fruit baskets to get 8 limited edition summer rewardsbeyond 17 objects from previous Summer Royale events.

The event also introduces new summer animals, such as the Super Wolf Pitaya and the Super Sloth Avocadowhich can be obtained in the research laboratory using the DNA. If you take a trip to the southern coast of the island, you will also find beach balls that you can and will have to kick. Just try to don’t hit anyone while playing soccer. All this and more is available in the Super Summer Royale event.

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The title is now available on Xbox Game Preview and on Steam via Early Access. The adorably ferocious battle royale will also arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Plus, thanks to the benefits of Xbox Game Pass, players will get the Founders Edition for free.

The plot of the title

Super Animal Royale is a battle royale in a zoological key in which players can play as their cute genetically modified pet chosen from among the over 300 species. Users will find their style with 600 and more cosmetic items.

Get ready to dive fromGiant Eagle in the deadly struggle with 64 players. You will shoot sawed-off shotguns and sparrows, throw grenades and bananas, ride emus and hamster balls as you climb to the top of the food chain. The explosive action from above combines perfectly with a flat expressive design style and the innovative fog of war system allows the game to be as deep and strategic as it is fun and accessible.