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SumUp: Digitization has changed the lives of artisans, hobbyists and entrepreneurs


SumUp: Digitization has changed the lives of artisans, hobbyists and entrepreneurs

SumUp presents 4 stories of artisans, hobbyists and small entrepreneurs who have transformed their passion into work thanks to digitization.

The Passion Economy and the importance of digitization according to SumUp

Is called Passion Economyand applies worldwide 38 billion dollars. A dynamic which, also due to the pandemic, represents a trend destined to grow. In fact, it means transform your passion into work, monetizing content initially created for amateur purposes only. A sort of evolution of quality on a professional level. If before the reference was limited to the digital economy of content creators, now the Passion Economy is intertwined with the rise of hobby production of artisanal products.

The Passion Economy also expands to the production of furnishings, clothing, accessories that can be sold beyond the limits of the physical territory. But to do this, a passage is necessary, summarized in a single magic word: digitization. The global handicraft market has, in fact, reached a value of 647.57 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to reach i $ 1,204.7 billion by 2026.

To take stock of the trend is SumUp,, fintech leader in the field of digital payments and innovative cashless solutions. The brand has always been committed to supporting hobbyists, artisans and small and medium-sized businesses through the digitization of payments.

“In this last year and a half many artisans, hobbyists and small entrepreneurs have had the need to reinvent themselves”, explains Umberto Zola, Country Growth Lead Italy of SumUp. “On the other hand, consumers are increasingly attentive to supporting local artisans and quality products, but at the same time they appreciate the simplicity of buying with paper, or even online and remotely”. Just think that in Italy 88% of the population in 2021 used the Internet in at least one phase of the purchase process.

The On-Line Shop function: creating your own e-commerce is always simpler

To support artisans, hobbyists and small business owners, SumUp has expanded its offering of solutions for small merchants. To do this, it introduces, alongside the mobile POS, also the function of the Online Store. This allows small business owners to set up an e-commerce quickly and easily and to sell their products and services online. Thus the brand motivates the introduction of the novelties:

“The goal is to provide all small business owners with a platform that can be reached from anywhere in the world, so that they can also sell remotely and expand their business”.

There are many stories of those who have chosen to enhance their passions. And many are those who have managed to turn them into work, thanks to digitization. In particular, SumUp tells us about four.

SumUp brings us 4 stories of digitization

Chicco’s preserves: genuine jams from Sardinia

Taking back family traditions in hand, but innovating them. This is the goal of Leonardo Pisanu, 31, who in 2020 gave birth to the Le Conserve di Chicco farm in Pardu Nou, in the Tirso Valley (province of Oristano). The company transforms the products of nature into jams and marmalades.

After losing his job at the food company where he was a worker, Leonardo decided to set up his own business, enhancing the family business. He restructured the building he owned, born from the Agrarian Reform of the 1950s (ETFAS), to use it as a food laboratory. Le Conserve di Chicco uses only seasonal raw materials to obtain genuine products, with natural preservatives, as in the past. A winning formula that allowed the fledgling business to win the prize in the canned category of the Sardinia Food Awards. At the physical point of sale at the company, Le Conserve di Chicco is supporting the SumUp Online Shop, with the aim of reaching customers even outside the island and bringing Sardinian goodness into the homes of Italians.

The Gomitolo around the corner: the passion for knitting needles

From the passion for knitting needles and for creative experiments, Il Gomitolo behind the corner was born in 2015. This is a shop where you can buy wool and knitting and crochet tools. But that’s not all: also books, accessories, trade magazines, frogs and beads, looms and needles.

The shop is the realization of Elisa Emiliani’s 50 year dream. The latter, after having worked for 20 years in a company where she dealt with quality systems, decided to resign. Her idea was to give life to her store (currently in Corso Mazzini 99C) in Faenza. This, initially used only as a warehouse and open to the public at unconventional times (lunch break, evenings after dinner and Saturdays), has been open regularly since July 2016. Over time, Elisa and her shop have in fact become a point of reference for the purchase of yarns and models. The activity also offers courses for beginners or themed. Thanks to the mobile POS of SumUp, Elisa is able to take her courses everywhere ensuring the possibility of paying by card without problems. In addition, the ecommerce brings its yarns throughout Italy.

La Montagna Tailoring: the rebirth of traditional tailoring through digitization

Talent and passion: these are the basic ingredients of Sartoria La Montagna. This was born in Casalnuovo di Napoli, founded by Milena La Montagna, 31 years old.

Milena has been far from needle and thread, coming from a family that has worked in the industry for years. This of her knew the risks and sacrifices necessary to learn the art of tailoring and dreamed of a different job for her. But after a degree in Fashion Design, Milena still chose to throw herself headlong into this passion. She learned to sew at the age of 25 and opened her tailor’s shop in September 2019. And it is precisely here that she brings the world of traditional tailoring to life. In fact, she creates handmade and tailor-made garments for national and international customers, using only sustainable fabrics such as wool, linen and silk and offering a home service, also supported by SumUp digitization tools.

The tales of the Carrubo: between donkeys and bio cosmetics

A center specialized in IAA (animal assisted interventions = pet therapy) with donkeys, with a series of workshops that embrace the local culinary and artisan tradition of Puglia. This is the dream of Debora Abatangelo of I Racconti del Carrubo. It is a farm located in the countryside of Mola di Bari (BA), in the Brenca district, on the Poggio delle Antiche Ville.

Debora, before embarking on this adventure, had a business of household items and furnishings. After the birth of her son, she chose to give shape to her dream of ensuring a future for her family in contact with nature. Now, having completed the path as a technician in IAA (animal assisted interventions) as a donkey assistant, she aims to integrate playful recreational paths in nature on the farm. While waiting to be able to realize his project, I Racconti del Carrubo is dedicated to animals, hives and aromatic plants. He has also launched a line of bio cosmetics, the perfect gift idea for Christmas, which he delivers to his home or directly to the farm. All thanks to the digitalization of SumUp, ensuring digital payments with the mobile POS.