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Successful board games in Lucca, the diary of the third day


Successful board games in Lucca, the diary of the third day

Let’s go back to the Tuscan streets for the third appointment with ours travel diary of Lucca Comics & Games 2021. We have passed the turning point, the Festival is moving towards its conclusion, but the days are still absolutely full and full of exciting events and guests. As always, we are ready to take you by the hand in this event, so let’s go into the third chapter!

Lucca Comics & Games, ferried to the third day

Last night’s diary ended with the promise of new exciting adventures in the evening, which were certainly not lacking. In fact, Saturday has always been a key day at Lucca Comics & Games and this year too the route has not changed. Among the appointments after the closing of the pavilions, one cannot fail to mention the hilarious press conference by Maccio Capatonda. The comedian presented his new project for Audible Podcast Deadly, to the delight of his fans.

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But yesterday was also a field day for another reason: i Lucca Comics & Games Awards. The traditional award ceremony for the best comics and board game products is back, to celebrate the excellence of the sector. So many titles were awarded, to the point that there was no lack of ‘unexpected’ special mentions. You can read the complete list directly from our friends at orgoglionerd.

The third day then reopened with many other engaging events. For example, music lovers have been able to live a unique experience, listening to the latest work by Caparezza Exuvia side by side with the artist. The seven notes also protagonists in a new meeting of the Rock’n’Comics trend that saw the famous singer take the stage Mahmood that together with the cartoonist Yes talked about his new book Ghettolimpo – On the paths of the soul.

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Then today was the day dedicated by Lucca Comics & Games to a great artist who died, who was also very passionate about music. We are talking about Combed Thundercartoonist author of unforgettable works, who was remembered with several meetings, as well as with the special theatrical adaptation of one of his most famous works, Little bodywhich will be staged this evening.

Between editorial news and board games

Again, this morning there was room to better describe the process that led to the assignment of the Board game of the year he was born in Role-playing game of the year. The juries of the two awards gathered to meet the public and the press to explain how they arrived at the final choice. A street hardmade up of study, voting and heated discussions, always with the aim of making the public love these worlds even more.

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Lucca Comics & Games is also a sort of New Year’s Eve for this sector. That moment when you think about the future and plan what will come. So here are two great realities like Mondadori And Star Comics they took the opportunity to tell their audience what they will present in the coming months. There will be great content on the horizon, so keep your antennas taut!

As we close this third diary we are already thinking about the next appointments, because it will be a really rich evening. In addition to the aforementioned adaptation of Little bodythere will be a meeting with the Italian cast of The Sandman, audio transposition for Audible of the homonymous masterpiece by Neil Gaiman. And then, great anticipation for the preview of Ghostbusters: Legacythe third installment in the adventures of the Ghostbusters, which fans can’t wait to discover.

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Now we greet you. Let’s go and follow the last appointments of the day, take a few laps between the stands and above all we focus on a fundamental aspect of every trip (especially in Tuscany): dinner. See you tomorrow!