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Streaming: the usage statistics of the platforms in Italy


Streaming: the usage statistics of the platforms in Italy

Much of the future of the entertainment landscape passes through the so-called streaming war. Will Netflix be able to maintain its hegemony in this sector, earned thanks to a proposal that arrived with the right timing and confirmed with a catalog of increasingly vast dimensions? Will giants like Amazon, Apple and Disney be able to gain lost ground and establish themselves in this area too? Some small answers to these questions come from JustWatch, the famous portal thanks to which it is possible to monitor the new releases in streaming and search for the location on the various platforms of our favorite films and series. A real guide to streaming constantly updated, which has published an interesting report on the use of the various platforms in Italy during the third quarter of 2021.

The most used streaming platforms in Italy

The situation is essentially unchanged compared to the previous quarter, with Netflix ahead of just one percentage point up Amazon Prime Video (28% versus 27%) in terms of market shares. However, it is interesting to note that both platforms had a small but not negligible decrease compared to the previous three months: in the period from April to June 2021, the two platforms were in fact used respectively by 29% and 28% of the total streaming audience. . On the other hand, it is gaining ground Disney +, which goes from 15% of the previous quarter to 16% of the one just ended. A share still far from those of the two main competitors, which however confirms a net growth trend of the latter platform, which at the beginning of 2021 stood at around 11% of the market.

The other platforms certainly aren’t watching. In Italy, it is above all to take a small but decisive step forward Tim Vision, which goes from 6% of the previous quarter to 7% of the current one. Small decrease instead for Now, which falls to 5% after being credited to 6% of the total in the past survey. Always stable at 4% Infinitysame altitude on which Sky settles through the Sky Go platform.

The other platforms

According to JustWatch, all the platforms not yet mentioned put together barely reach 9% overall of the market. A fact that makes us reflect on the extreme polarization that characterizes this sector and on an increasingly fierce competition, which could lead to the merger between some contenders or more likely to the creation of various packages to use multiple platforms at a discounted price compared to the sum of the total, in the wake of what Tim Vision itself is already doing.

It is then necessary to talk about the real elephant in the room of this competition. Despite a catalog that focuses above all on quality and which can count on particularly popular shows such as Ted Lasso, Fondazione and The Morning Show and on original films such as Greyhound – The invisible enemy and Finch, Apple TV + it still struggles to mesh, at least in our country. The Cupertino company has solid enough shoulders to handle the difficult start of its streaming platform, but it is inevitable to ask what future strategies will be to try to get back on top.