Steve Jobs Emails: The Ultimate PR Campaign

After reading this Wired article which discusses Dear Leader Steve Jobs' recent electronic verbiage I came to a few conclusions. For those of you who don't want to read a lot, I'll summarize the article: wired spoke to several PR analysts who agree that Jobs' recent spike in responses to emails from fans and detractors is part of a public relations campaign. It's not that an advertising agency has hatched a viral campaign around the Apple Man. This is probably a spontaneous decision by Jobs himself, but we must not forget that If Steve Jobs is anything, he's a marketing genius..

If we pay attention makes a lot of sense. Currently the public Manzana — trendy city dwellers, design sybarists, cutting-edge junkies — demands smoother communication between a company meant to embody these ideals and its loyal acolytes. However Manzana it's in a tricky situation: it's too big and too serious to tweet in business. A company that, by philosophy, does not show future concepts or products, but exclusively finished products and ready for short-term marketing You also can't generate buzz with hints or leaks.. In no case could they respond via social networks to controversies about their way of being open and closed as they wish, due to possible legal implications. What's left? A hypercommunicative CEO.

It’s true that responding to four or five emails a month can hardly be considered hypercommunication – for the average person. However, CEOs of companies in the luck 500 They are generally not as communicative as Jobs. Obviously, there is a strategy. Steve does not respond to just anyone, but to those who will spread his message faithfully and with repercussion. It's his way of communicating, it's his way of responding, and above all, it's their way of showing that there is communication, and that they are listening to their users. From listening to them to paying attention to them, there is a world of difference, but the motivations for this are for another article. In the end, we probably hear even more [email protected]and that's because Apple It is convenient. And a lot.

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