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Star Trek gadgets not to be missed

Star Trek gadgets not to be missed

September 8th is the Star Trek 55th anniversaryand what better way to celebrate than by purchasing new gadgets based on the beloved sci-fi franchise = From the Star Trek-themed mug to Captain Kirk’s Funko Pop, there’s truly something for everyone.

The Star Trek themed gadgets not to buy on the occasion of the 55th anniversary

L’September 8, 1966 the first episode of Star Trek appeared on television screens in the United States. That day, the captain James T. Kirk and his crew kicked off a multi-year exploration of the Milky Way galaxy, which taught audiences to celebrate diversity, promote inclusion and practice acceptance. The franchise, created by Gene Roddenberry, turns 55 this year. And, if you’re looking for a little keepsake to celebrate your upcoming milestone, here’s a list of great ones Star Trek gadget that you can add to your existing collection.

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With the straight brown hair of the Captain James T. Kirk, this TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck figure is dressed in a golden shirt complete with the Starfleet badge. Fearlessly wielding a phaser, this duck version of Captain Kirk also features a toy tub with the Star Trek logo on the side.

“Teleport me, Scotty!” is a quote made famous by Captain Kirk: an order he gives Montgomery “Scotty” Scott when he needs to be teleported. The cup in question is capable of simulate a real teleportationthanks to the heat of a drink, the crew will be transported from one side of the gadget to the other.

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Star Trek-themed Funko Pops

Obviously the Star Trek-themed Funko Pop, and there are really a lot of them. The most iconic is the one depicting Captain Kirk’s famous pose. Mounted on a fixed base, this 9.5cm tall Funko Pop sits on a chair, with his chin resting on his right hand.

Then the characters of Star Trek: Discovery cannot be missing, such as Saru and Michael Burnhamalways in the Funko Pop version.

Summer is drawing to a close and, with the first cold weather coming, it will be essential to keep your feet warm. Why not do it with these comfortable Star Trek socks? They are machine washable and made of 98% Polyester and 2% Elastane. And if you want an even more cheeky look, i Pride socks Star Trek: Discovery themed cannot be missing in your drawer. These have the 77% cotton and they come in one size that fits your foot. And, then, they are really beautiful!

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As the latest Star Trek gadget we suggest this wallet that will make every fan of the franchise happy. Your wallet will cry after you buy the best gadgets, but at least it will be beautiful and will make all your friends who share a passion for Star Trek feel the envy.