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Squid Game is the new fashion of the moment: here are the gadgets inspired by the TV series

Squid Game is the new fashion of the moment: here are the gadgets inspired by the TV series

Squid Game has now become the phenomenon of the moment: after its debut on the platform of Netflix, the South Korean TV series has literally conquered the world. In just over two weeks, numerous clothing and accessory stores sold out thanks to gadgets inspired by the series.

As happened in the past for Stranger Things and La Casa de Papel, now the world wants any object that can be reminiscent of the South Korean TV series. Give her green overalls up to the classics White Vanslet’s discover the Squid Game inspired gadgets that the world can’t do without.

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Gadgets inspired by Squid Game, the hit Netflix show

Squid Game is Netflix’s latest hit show that debuted on the streaming platform in mid-September and has been dominating the charts in 83 countries since then. On the South Korean production show 456 peopleall with economic problems And debtsare invited to participate in a mysterious game which will turn out to be a survival contest.

The prize up for grabs? 45.6 billion won. Each challenge is inspired by traditional Korean games for children, in vogue in the 70s and 80s. There is only one small problem: in Squid Game, however, if you lose you die.

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Since its debut on the platform, the show has taken the world by storm and like any self-respecting show, certainly could not miss themed gadgets inspired. Two of the most famous gadgets are the Vans White Slip-Ons and the green overalls that the participants wear throughout the rehearsals, until the end of the show.

On the official Vans website you can find the shoes while, around the web, also on Amazon, you can easily find the numbered suits which are delivered to the players. Depending on your favorite character, you can buy the suit with his number. Let’s imagine that the suit 067 is one of the most requested.

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They are also for sale short-sleeved t-shirtwhite and green, with the number of your favorite competitor.

Uniforms of the guardians and mask of the Front Man

Obviously, the uniforms worn by Squid Game guardians, that is the people who control the players during the various tests. Sold separately you can also find the masks with the trianglethe circle and the square or, if you want to assert your skills as a leader, you can buy the mask of Front Man.

Halloween is approaching and the public can’t wait to show off the Squid Game fashion.

The molds for your “dalgona cookies”

They certainly could not miss it molds of all kinds to create Dalgona biscuits and challenge your friends to a race – without, of course, bloodshed. After the second challenge of the South Korean TV series, in which the participants must be able to cut the cookie without breaking it, every person in the world is trying to recreate the cookies.

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You can use the shapes you prefer and unleash your imagination by making tons of Dalgona.

Squid Game gadgets: the doll-shaped alarm clock

Another amazing gadget is the alarm clock in the shape of a giant doll seen in the first episode of Squid Game. Once the time is set, this fun object will wake you up with a particular soundwhich is what you hear in the TV series.

We do not know exactly if it is a enjoyable or unpleasant awakening but, for sure, it will be full of style. Then, who knows, he might give you the the right energy to better face the day.

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The business card

It is thanks to this small and, apparently, insignificant business card that Squid Game begins. The business cards that the contestants receive in the first episodes of the series are one of the most requested gadgets. On the cardboard we can admire the circlethe triangle and the squaretogether with a telephone number you can contact. You can buy them and customize them as you prefer.

There are also gods around sticky stickersmade in the smallest detail, to be able to put on your own credit cards. If you are curious to know how they are made, you can consult the official Etsy website.

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Action figures and sweatshirts inspired by TV series

We conclude this list of gadgets with two products that certainly cannot be missing in our Squid Game collection: we are talking about action figures inspired by the characters of the e series sweatshirts / t-shirts with the logo. At the moment, on the official Amazon website, you can find the action figures of the guardians of the show and of the Front Man while, as regards sweatshirts and t-shirts, you will find all kinds of them.

Be inspired by the moment and choose the most suitable product for you.