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Space Force official logo unveiled

Space Force official logo unveiled

There US Space Force revealed its new logo, as the service tries to build the brand and cultural identity to associate.

The black and silver service logo presented on July 22nd. It has the delta wing as a central element, also present in the seal and flag of the armed force of the United States of America. Inside is a horizontally shaped “Space Force” logo. In January 2020, the president tweeted an image that could somehow recall the logo for the US Space Force. In fact it turned out that it depicted the seal. The delta symbol has been in use since 1961 by the Department of the Air Force. This image explains the various elements that refer to the military branches, rocket launch and its defined core values. The logo was designed by the advertising agency GSD & M of the Department of Aeronautics.

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The motto was also chosen

There was also a decision regarding the choice of the motto. After several months, “Always Supra“, what does it mean “Always above“.

There is no lack of controversy

After the unveiling of the official Space Force seal in January, the service came under criticism. In fact, several people have associated the symbol with a kind of imitation of the Starfleet from Star Trek. Space officials pointed out that the delta symbol was used in the 1940s by the US Army air forces. It was also used in the first emblems of the Air Force space organizations as early as 1961 and it is in effect an inherited symbol of military space organizations.

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Finally, a spokesperson said with certainty that the delta wing indicates the upward trajectory of the US Space Force in space. It therefore represents the launch vehicles that send satellites into orbit and evokes change and innovation.