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Space Force dreams of a moon base

Space Force dreams of a moon base

According to what was stated John Shawat the head ofUS Space Commandthe Space Force they may someday have one of their own operational lunar base. It is an idea rather than a concrete project, but it remains a feared possibility for the newborn military corps.

A moon base for the Space Force

During the AFWERX Engage Space Conference ofAir ForceShaw he confirmed that “at some point, yes, we will take human beings into space. He could operate in a central command somewhere in the lunar environment or somewhere else where they can have a huge structure “

Any concrete plan is in any case “very distant in time”. First of all, the Moon is not easily habitable and therefore operating a base of this type would be costly And hard. Furthermore, “we are getting better and better at robotic missions. The best robots created by humans are probably satellites, both the ones for explore the planets that those operated in our planetary system “

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It is therefore likely that in the future the bulk of the work will be done by robots. “We will have a lot of automated and autonomous systems that will operate in Earth and Lunar and Solar orbit in the days and years to come for national security space activities”

A natural consequence

This news comes after the confirmation of the collaboration with NASA for future missions and objectives, including the human flight and the planetary defense. Considering that NASA itself is planning to return to our satellite as early as 2024it only seems natural that the Space Force would want to use the space agency’s knowledge to its advantage.