Sony’s new commercial in collaboration with Burger King: what’s new for PS5?

Sony, in partnership with Burger King, has released a interesting spot and fans believe it may be related to PlayStation 5. The commercial ends with a date, the October 15, 2020: what’s new for the next-generation console?

The new commercial for PlayStation 5 with Burger King


– PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 12, 2020

The ad posted on Twitter, and which you can see above, shows Burger King himself opens a takeaway bag. Inside one blue light shines and emits a sound, short but impactful. The commercial ends with the mascot walking away to reveal a date to the public, precisely the October 15Sony will reveal, in all likelihood, new information.

The announcement doesn’t mention PlayStation or PS5 at all, but the fact that the official PlayStation account shared the tweet, it is very suspicious. According to the audience, the sound that is heard when the mascot opens the envelope could be the new console startup sound by Sony. Obviously though we have no confirmation.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this particular sound in Burger King ads. In June, the same sound was played during this video.

This isn’t even the first time a company has partnered with one fast food chain. Microsoft, for example, teamed up with Taco Bell for a promotion Xbox Series X. Now we just have to wait for the arrival of October 15 and see what Sony has in store for us.

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