Sony launches PlayStation Communities and updates the rest of its apps

We're not going to fool anyone, Sony has a series of « companion » apps for its PlayStation system that compete in the App Store to see which of them performs the worst. Not only because the PlayStation Store shortcut is a simple web browser that crashes quite often, but also because it integrates an almost completely useless messaging application. Well now comes the third another application designed to occupy space on our device, aimed at groups of PlayStation users.

This is how Sony defines this new application:

Communities are places where you can find PlayStation Network players with similar interests and preferences to you. Join a community to chat with other members about your common interests or find players to play with.

・Search for communities and join them.
・Check out today's post and other members' posts on the community wall.
・Receive information about your communities' activity via push notifications from mobile devices. Push notifications can be configured individually for each community.

On the contrary, PlayStation Network communities are less popular than it seems, the reality is that we usually play with our known friends, and on the other hand, the PlayStation 4 system makes these possibilities as simple as possible and makes us have a good time. After using the app we can see that it suffers from the same lag and poor optimization as the rest of Sony's apps for iOS., however, they had the detail that it is adapted to the iPhone 6 screen, not like the classic PlayStation to manage our account. In the end, you'll have to try it and decide for yourself if it's really worth it, compatible with any device above iOS 8.0 and takes up 40MB of storage.

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