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Sony is giving away many new free games for PlayStation

Sony is giving away many new free games for PlayStation

Already in February Sony had promised that it would brighten up the days at home of its players by giving away free titles as part of the initiative “Play at Home“. And so it was. But in these the company really seems to have outdone itself, making new games available at no cost within the PlayStation Store. Among them it is worth mentioning The Witness, a fascinating open world game that will take you to the discovery of an island where you can collect clues and complete 3D puzzles in order to recover your memory and find your way home. But this is just one of the many games that you will have the opportunity to download for free. So let’s see what else awaits us.

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The Witness and many other free games on PlayStation Store

Among the titles that Sony has decided to give to its players for free, beyond The Witness, we also find Moss, an old PSVR exclusive. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a virtual reality adventure game, in which you play the role of a small mouse called to solve puzzles and face enemies. But that is not all. If you want to swim in deep abysses, among sea creatures never seen before and fascinating ruins of ancient civilizations, Sony allows you to download for free Abzuthe underwater adventure of Giant Squid.

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And if these titles are not enough for you, you will also have them available Enter the Gungeon And Rez Infinite, the virtual reality shooter updated for free by the development team for PS4 and PSVR. And then again Subnautica – a marine survival title -, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Thumper And Paper Beast, a title that will allow you to explore a world inhabited by origami-style animals. In short, a fairly large and varied set of free games for PlayStation, which you will be able to download until April 22nd.

Beyond this, also remember that Sony’s “Play at Home” initiative allows you to redeem at no cost even Ratchet & Clank – until next March 31st – e Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, available from April 9th ​​to May 14th. And now tell us the truth: are you really still convinced that you are bored by staying in the red zone?