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Sony could launch a portable PlayStation with 5G technology

Sony could launch a portable PlayStation with 5G technology

Given the incredible success of the Nintendo Switch, more and more rumors are starting to circulate on the Net about the possibility that Sony will launch one on the market new version of the PSP. Apparently, in fact, the company would be willing to implement the 5G technology in his portable console. Or so the Net deduced from an interview that Chen Sun, Director of a Sony Research Department, released in 2019.

PSP 5G: one of Sony’s future projects?

“P.We can enjoy many benefits from 5G’s characteristic, ultra-reliable low latency“, So Sun had commented on some of his projects some time ago. Now, it’s not clear what it really meant, but it’s pretty certain that the goal is to enhance the gaming experience thanks to 5G. What we can understand, however, is that the discourse on low latency can be interesting from the point of view of streaming services like PS Now. According to what was reported by the T3 portal, it would be just that streaming the real novelty of the future PSP.

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Thanks to the implementation of 5G technology, the portable console should not have advanced components, but simply serve as a support for viewing a game running on external servers. And this would allow us to play while ensuring the same PlayStation 5 quality. Basically, the new console would work a bit like the service Xbox Game Pass Ultimatewhich allows you to play titles from the Microsoft library on Android smartphones.

The project seems very interesting, and the interest that Sony is showing for 5G technology gives us hope for the actual realization of the new PSP. And not only. We’re pretty confident that the company can somehow compete with the success of the Nintendo Switch, which it has already sold almost 80 million copies. It would certainly not be a wrong idea. After all, the possibility of playing on a portable console with the same quality as the PS5 is really very tempting.