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Sony announces the wireless speaker to wear around the neck

Sony announces the wireless speaker to wear around the neck

Sony announced SRS-NS7one wireless speaker to wear around the neck able to offer an enveloping and personalized audio effect, as if you were in one cinema private. Together with the speaker, the WLA-NS7 wireless transmitterwhich allows you to have the same experience with some models of Sony headphones.

The new Sony SRS-NS7 wearable wireless speaker

SRS-NS7 is the world’s first wearable speaker compatible with Dolby Atmos standard and BRAVIA XR models. Thanks to the exclusive technology 360 Spatial Sound Sony and the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personalizer app, ensures a perfectly optimized cinematic effect.

Paired with the supplied wireless transmitter and BRAVIA XR TVs, SRS-NS7 perfects the arrangement of the Dolby Atmos virtual speakers to completely immerse the listener in the sound, as if he were the protagonist of the action. Usage is very simple: just connect the wireless transmitter to the TV via an optical cable and a USB cable, then synchronize SRS-NS7 to the transmitter via Bluetooth.

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Everything is powered by the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Personalizer app which analyzes the specific hearing profile and integrates it with the wireless speaker, calibrating its emission. In addition to transmitting content Dolby Atmos on televisions, SRS-NS7 plays music from smartphones with all the quality of 360 Reality Audio. All you need is a smartphone and a compatible music platform (such as Deezer, nugs.net or TIDAL). The speaker can also be connected to other smartphones, laptops and tablets to enjoy 2-channel stereo sound.

The battery will not be a problem. SRS-NS7 has an autonomy of 12 hours, just enough to watch more than one movie or episode in a row. And if the energy really starts to run out, 10 minutes of fast charging via the USB Type-C port are enough to gain up to 60 minutes of extra playback.

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Also perfect for video calling

The wearable speaker SRS-NS7 it does not give its best only with TV, cinema and music, but it also lends itself very well to teleworking and hands-free calls. The location of the integrated microphone is designed to receive and transmit the voice with excellent quality, while the X-Balanced Speakers Unit reproduces the words of colleagues and friends with extreme clarity, assisted by the function of echo cancellation.

It is also equipped with a Multipoint connection, IPX4 protection for resistance to water splashes and an elegant and functional design. The speaker SRS-NS7 and the transmitter WLA-NS7 will be available starting November 2021.