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  • The cinematic version of Sonic The Hedgehog
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Hamagami / Carroll Inc.a company specializing in art and branding in the entertainment sector, has published some images illustrating the possible cinematic version of the famous blue hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog.

The cinematic version of Sonic The Hedgehog

The first poster for the film adaptation of the story of Sonic the Hedgehog it only showed the silhouette of the famous lightning-fast blue hedgehog, without showing any finer details.

The figure of the protagonist has been revealed in full Hamagami / Carroll Inc. through the appearance, in his portfolio, of an entry dated March 2019 and dedicated to the beloved hedgehog Sonic.

According to the images inside the file, the figure of the character would be practically identical to that assumed with the first poster, although characterized by humanoid legs and small hands with delicate fingers.

Alongside the photos there are also other slides, all illustrating some of the processes that led to the actual realization of the character and his movements.

An official job?

At first it didn't seem like it was meant to be Hamagami / Carroll Inc. design the character of the blue hedgehog for the film Sonic the Hedgehog.

The company had already contributed to many games and films already made in the past, even based on existing video games, which is why it would have been entrusted with the difficult task of creating a universal Sonic model, capable of representing all the “Different” blue curls (from classic to modern, including other adaptations and cartoons).

Currently the company has not wanted to confirm or deny the rumors regarding its work but, given the release of the film scheduled for November, it is likely that a trailer capable of shedding light on the figure of the blue hedgehog ultra-fast will appear soon. .

What does this version of Sonic look like? Are you curious to see what the film adaptation will look like?

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