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Song of Horror review on PlayStation 4: a successful psychological classic

Song of Horror review on PlayStation 4: a successful psychological classic

After terrorizing the entire audience of Steamthe survival horror by Protocol Games titled Song of Horror is ready to make Sony players jump out of their seats too: we tried the game on PlayStation 4 and we are ready to tell you ours with this review.

Song of Horror review: survival horror lands on PS4

Song of Horror is a episodic third-person survival horror made by the Spanish studio Protocol Games and released in 2019 on Steam. In Deluxe Editionavailable in June on PlayStation 4, players will have available all five episodes released on Steam. Furthermore this version, distributed by Meridiem Games, will contain not only the game but also one series of valuable collectible items.

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Our adventure begins with Daniel, the first protagonist who will accompany us on this harrowing journey. As soon as he returns home from work, tired and heartbroken, Daniel receives a sudden call from his boss: Sebastian Hushera famous writer who collaborates with his agency, he suddenly disappeared together with his entire family.

For Daniel, who was hoping not to get a call on a Friday night, it’s just yet another problem little account. In fact he doesn’t know what awaits him inside the large mansion of Mr. Husher.

Once he arrives at the scene, Daniel realizes that there is something wrong. The environment is completely surrounded bydarkness, there is no lightthe chaos reigns supreme And there is no shortage of disturbing noises to accompany him along the corridors.

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Also found scattered around the house letters And tickets which refer to one strange music box recently donated to the family by a colleague of Sebastian. Daniel’s job then is to find out what’s going on and he’ll have to deal with The presencea fearsome adversary who hides in the darkest corners of the house and that will show itself to us when we least expect it.

This enemy is unlike any we’ve ever fought before because The Presence is a ‘Advanced AI that actively reacts to our actions And decisionsadapting to the gameplay.

Daniel is just the first of several characters that we will control in this episodic adventure. Different characters but all with the same goal: find out what happened to the writer Husher, his family and also our Daniel. As we all know the boy, after going to the writer’s house to have a look around, he never came back.

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What happens inside this mansion and what happened to the characters, including Daniel?

A house full of details and a cold and eerie atmosphere

Song of Horror hits right away. The first element that catches the eye and that, in a certain sense, made us smile are the various difficulty levels: in this game they were named as some of the greatest horror writers in historysuch as Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft.

This detail made us smile, yes, but at the same time there he worried and offered a short preview of what awaits us within the walls they corners of the Husher mansion. As soon as we arrive inside the house, in the role of Daniel, we realize together with him that there is something strange about it.

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The whole environment was crafted down to the smallest detail and it’s characterized by numerous objects which make the mansion well furnished and particular. We have the opportunity to analyze objects present inside and get an idea of ​​who the missing person is and also their family members.

The tranquility, however, as you can imagine, does not last long. As soon as we enter the house, they start to feel noises, strange sounds and it is wrapped in one heavy cold atmosphere, unsettling, terrifying. The sound sector plays a fundamental role within Song of Horror and we recommend you pay particular attention to every little sound.

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As you go forward, however, everything turns out to be strange And incomprehensible. So let’s find out how to best move within this place that seems to be infinite.

The Song of Horror review: puzzles and exploration

One of the aspects that best characterizes the game is the presence of puzzles And puzzle to solve. You spend most of your time ad explore your surroundings it’s at collect and examine objects. There are also occasions when it is necessary to better analyze the items in our inventory because some they can be combined with others and use them to proceed forward.

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The puzzles are many And different among them. Told in this way it seems simple but what makes our exploration complicated is The Presence. At first we say that it will stay a little on him, it will scare us but not too much. It almost seems like he wants warn us And push us to abandon research and that house.

Later our enemy becomes more present and dangerous. He never attacks us directly but he does it through some tricks of the trade. We have available two methods to save our skin during these meetings: winning a test of strength (for example, preventing him from opening a door) or hiding.

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In these situations we have to overcome some minigames that will test our skills. In this part of the game it is necessary to find And keep the pace right otherwise we risk losing the patience and yes, even the life – of our character, of course.

Characters with different pasts and similar fates

Another particular aspect that characterizes the game and makes it interesting are its own characters that we will go to check in the course of the episodes. Through the use of multiple playerswe are able to to live And comprehend there story through their eyes: this means that we will have available different points of view on the same topic.

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Clues and history are analyzed differently, by completely different people from each other. This aspect is really interesting and intriguing because makes the plot even more captivatingalways newcharacterized by a few more elements that perhaps had escaped us before.

Each character is connected to each other in a different way: each of them has their own past but they all share the same destiny. Also, as we mentioned earlier, The Presence acts on our decisions. Our actions and decisions shape the surrounding environment and it is amazing to see this process up close.

You are probably wondering now: What happens if my character dies? The answer is simple. If he dies the story is resumed with another character, continuing the investigation. This element makes the gaming experience even more Viva And tense.

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How is it possible to continue the investigation with the clues of another individual? It is up to you to find the answer to this question.

The verdict of this Song of Horror review

Song of Horror is different from its survival horror brothers and you can already see it from the trailer: it is a title that offers aanxious atmosphere And heavy in continuous growthreaching sudden heights when we least expect it. The possibility of being able to play all the episodes without forced interruptions it increases even more this tension that we perceive within the game.

However, we recommend that you make the most of this experience, taking breaks when required. In some ways the title is extremely heavy, so the breaks will also serve to give you time to carburetor what you have just seen.

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The ability to explore and analyze history from various points of view makes for the plot even more engaging.

However there are some defects, for example the woody movement of the characters e some unsuccessful shots. In the long run they can be quite annoying. Plus there are some characters that leave something to be desired graphically speaking but frankly it’s the minor problem.

Despite some minor flaws, Song of Horror pass selection and proves to be a worthy component of the team survival horror.

The story turns out to be mysterious And captivating until the end: also with The Presence it will be impossible getting bored. Certainly though, it will make you jump out of your chair over and over again so make sure you put gods on floor cushionsjust to mitigate the fall.

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For more information we advise you to consult the official website.