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SnapChat aims at content creators: here are all the news

SnapChat aims at content creators: here are all the news

SnapChat continues with its content creator courtship strategy, trying to replicate the success of some of its competitors such as TikTok and Instagram. In May, the app announced Gifting, a new feature that allows subscribers to support their favorite creators through ‘Story Replies’. Today, finally, the confirmation of the launch of the novelty for the ‘Snap Stars’ arrives, that is 16 famous users in the world who will try it in preview.

SnapChat aims at content creators: here are the news

The world in which this new option works is very simple: when a user sees a message they like, they can purchase a unique app currency, called Snap Tokento then send a gift and start a conversation with the Snap Star who has attracted her attention or who follows assiduously on the social network.

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In this way, content creators can earn a percentage of the gifts received through the function of Story Replies. Of course, there is also a system of protection for public figures who decide to land on the social network. The stars, in fact, can filter the different types of messages they receive, in order to eliminate those that are not appropriate and maintain a respectful conversation.

As if that were not enough, the ‘Creator Marketplace‘, already seen last spring during a presentation, which creators can integrate directly into their marketing campaign. Availability permitting, various companies can even connect directly with Snap Stars globally, and consequently optimize their marketing presence within the platform.

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Finally, the social network is about to introduce a new tag “sponsored by”Available for companies that have verified public profiles. Stars will be able to tag a brand in sponsored content and that will appear under the username. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the creator. Finally, the Creator Hub, a space where you can get tips on how to take the first steps on the platform up to advanced tips, to stand out and get rewards.