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Smuggled NVIDIA Graphics Cards: Big Hit in Hong Kong

Smuggled NVIDIA Graphics Cards: Big Hit in Hong Kong

Chinese authorities have seized hundreds of NVIDIA graphics cards smuggling in the waters around Hong Kong International Airport. Law enforcement officers managed to stop the smugglers after a speedboat chase at two in the morning.

NVIDIA graphics cards: the new frontier of smugglers

Seizures by customs authorities almost always relate to shipments of drugs or counterfeit material to be placed on the market at competitive prices. The Chinese smugglers apparently seem to think differently and the object of their trafficking this time is a cargo of over 300 graphics cards, probably NVIDIA CMP 30HX.

The story of the kidnapping looks like that of an action movie. The whole affair began with thesighting of a suspicious fishing boat docked near Hong Kong International Airport, unloading goods on a speedboat at two in the morning.

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Once discovered by the agents, the smugglers fled, forcing the first to a high-speed tracking towards international waters. The criminals managed to escape but the police successfully detained the owner of the fishing boat and part of the smuggled goods with him.

The load was very varied and included exotic foods and technological products, among which 300 graphics cards still stand out in the boxes. Although the cards did not have an identifier, it is very likely that they are NVIDIA CMP 30HX graphics cardsin great demand in smuggling as they are useful for the practice of cryptomining.

This type of hardware cannot be defined as cutting-edge, but the shortage of graphics cards it is probably also affecting large mining groups, ready to use any means at their disposal to make a profit.

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According to the official report of the Chinese law enforcement agencies, the batch of technological products seized exceeds the value of € 200,000.