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Smartphones and consoles are the most purchased products during Black Friday 2021

Smartphones and consoles are the most purchased products during Black Friday 2021

Electronics are always present in the wishlist of Italians for Black Friday 2021: smartphones and consoles in the top ten among the most sought-after products.

Black Friday 2021: Italians mainly buy electronic devices

As every year, the interest of Italians for articles in the electronic category is growing in view of the Black Friday, as early as October up to Christmas. To confirm this premise, in particular with regard to the October trend, is the latest analysis by Immediatelythe # 1 platform in Italy to sell and buy in a sustainable way with over 13 million unique monthly users, which offers a snapshot of the trends related to electronics in the race for the latest purchases of 2021. He immediately analyzed the searches in this product category outlining the desires of the moment, starting with desire to play in advance.

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Already in October, in fact, the Italians registered on Subito growth on the previous month in the Electronics category. An increase that is revealed both in terms of visits (+ 7%) both of ads published (+ 3%). This data confirms a trend already explored in 2020 so with the approach of the occasions in which there are discounts and sales, a virtuous circle is activated: users upload advertisements for their used equipment and with the revenues related to sales expand the budget to be invested for purchases and giftsthanks to the Black Friday offers but also the convenience of the second hand.

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The second hand especially in the last year has proved to be a valid alternative to the new one also in the field of Electronics. What makes the difference is above all the awareness that among the used cars you can often find the latest models at affordable prices. At this point the sale can be managed from home with a shopping experience comparable to the new one, including important safeguards to guarantee exchanges. As with Everything Immediately the new service that allows you to sell and buy totally online, remotely and securely. The whole with payments and shipments integrated into the platform.

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The top 10 Electronics

In particular, the October scenario shows month-over-month growth in visits to Electronics and in its subcategories: Audio / Video (+ 24%), Console and Video Games (+ 21%), Photography (+ 20%), Informatics (+ 17%), And Telephony (+ 8%). There are many people attentive to offers and promotions, ready to switch from the wishlist to the real purchase.

But what are the most desired products in detail? On the base of nearly 9 million searches in October are located on the podium of the Top 10 in Electronics the smartphone and the gaming consolewhich confirm the desire for lightness, connection and entertainment, with latest generation models.

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At the top of the ranking of the most searched objects we find theiPhone (+ 28% in October vs September 2021), which also earns fourth, sixth and eighth place respectively with iPhone 12 (+ 5%), iPhone 11 (+ 22%) e iPhone X (+ 16%). In second and third place stand out the consoles with PlayStation 4 (+ 42%) e PlayStation 5 (+ 32%). The big surprise however lies in fifth position where TVs rise from the octave of 2020. These are strong of one growth in general platform searches by 85% in October alone. This is a probable effect of the switch off and purchase incentives, which have prompted the search for a newer TV.

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Black Friday 2021: the trends of the Electronics subcategories

In Telephonydominates Apple: 8 out of the 10 most searched devices show the apple symbol, with an extraordinary one + 255% in searches for the new iPhone13 considering its arrival on the market in September 2021, it is already highly coveted.

For Informatics is confirmedthe demand for devices to meet the new normality imposed by the pandemic, such as distance learning and agile work: iPad (+ 32%) in first placefollowed by MacBook (+ 42%) e Tablet (+ 52%).

If in first place in the category Video games is confirmed PlayStation 4followed by the PlayStation 5 and the version Pro in sixth position, he hits in 4th place Fifa 22with a + 612% of research: the game put on the market in October proves that Subito is a reference point for gaming enthusiasts, both second hand and new / never used. New entry this year the Nintendo Switch (+ 51%), in third place. The interest in the Nintendo brand is reconfirmed in eighth place with generic research at + 45%. Salt also Xbox (+ 54%) now in fifth place, closing the ranking with the specific model Xbox one (+ 25%).

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Finally, in Audio / Video to emphasize the search for TV in first place. The record player (+ 61%), consecrating the strong appeal of vintage and the tendency to seek out the quality listening habits of previous generations. Then also increases the desire to amplifiers (+ 59%), speakers (+ 47%) e stereo (+ 61%), to create a home entertainment system.

Selling and buying on Immediately: optimize Black Friday offers 2021

The growth figures for October confirm the digitization process that involved all sectors. In particular, there was an acceleration during the lockdown, which the Italians no longer know how to give up. Buying and selling, especially electronics products, without leaving home, has become the new normal. This is confirmed by the Second Hand Economy 2020 Observatory conducted by BVA Doxa for Subito. According to the data the 44% of Italians who did second hand in 2020 chose online precisely because of the possibility of tackling the entire purchase process from home.

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Users expect to be able to manage the buying and selling of used items through the App in an easy and immediate way relying on new services such as Everything Immediatelywhich include integrated payment and shipping, with collection and delivery of the package at home, tracking and insurance of the shipment throughout Italy, but also purchase protection for a worry-free sale.

With TuttoSubito, users who are more attentive to maximizing Black Friday offers can activate a virtuous circle. These, by selling the used models of the devices, I can earn a budget ready to be reinvested on the best tech offers between Black Friday and Christmas. This way, without too much effort, you get the double advantage of freeing up space at home and above all creating a small fund to invest for oneself or for gifts, without unduly affecting the wallet. An advantage second hand badge and perhaps one of the reasons that make it more and more a perfect shopping channel for Black Friday.