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Smart working and relaxation, at home like a king

Smart working and relaxation, at home like a king

These days Italy is testing the pros and cons of smart working; to be able to optimally face the quarantine, remaining productive, but without giving up the fundamental moments of pause and their free time, Sennheiser, Klipsch and GPO offer a complete guide to spend a typical day in the time of the Coronavirus, through the use of their products, between smart working and relaxation.

The smart worker kit

In order to carry out the smart working in an efficient and productive way, it is necessary to be equipped with a series of tools and accessories that can be useful to emulate a dimension similar to that of your office and facilitate remote work.

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Smart working: The coffee break is a moment of relaxation

Let’s put smart working aside for a moment and focus on relaxing. The 5, 10 or 15 minute break to disconnect from work is sacrosanct. It would be great to make them even more relaxing, perhaps with the possibility of choosing a different vinyl every day, close your eyes and fly with your mind elsewhere.

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Relax after dinner

the smart working phase is over, but the relaxation phase continues. The quarantine within the home, even in the evening, becomes an opportunity to recover all those films and TV series that are left aside during the frenzy of everyday life.

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A series of excellent products that, if you have not already purchased for Father’s Day, you can certainly take advantage of them now and enjoy your moments as a smart worker and relaxation to the fullest.