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Smart sound and Alexa at the best price with these offers

Smart sound and Alexa at the best price with these offers

Recently amazon decided to bet on the renewal of its entire Echo range, offering a brutal change in the design of its products that we could even say reminds us a lot of the new HomePod Mini. Be that as it may, the Echo range for its price and functionality remains one of the best sellers on the market.

Amazon has launched a strong Black Friday sale for the Echo range and more of its products. Find out what the best deals are on Amazon Echo headphones and devices, we bring you our most interesting reviews and recommendations.

Amazon Echo Dot for only €29.99

We start with both Amazon Echo Dot available in the market. In this case it is the “smallest” of the family despite the fact that it has received strong news, not growing too much in size, since this is precisely its most determining point, but it does in terms of sound quality and its external appearance. .

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We must remember that the Amazon EchoDot It is fully compatible with Alexa, so we will be able to manage all compatible devices through the Alexa application for iOS. Alexa It is precisely one of the most universal systems and with cheaper accessories.

This device is also offered in two variants: The normal version, which is the one that has a price of 29.99 euros, and a version that has an LED panel capable of offering us the time and more details about the temperature and other information that Alexa deems appropriate for 39.99 euros in the offer.

The audio quality of Amazon Echo Dot has slightly improved Compared to the previous version, however, we must bear in mind that it is designed little more than to set a room and mainly to interact with Alexa without taking up too much space.

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We currently have the Amazon Echo Dot available in white, gray and blue, although they have temporarily released a special edition Product(RED), so as you can imagine, it is totally red. This device will not have a higher or special price for being of this color, although it seems to me personally too “flashy” in terms of color to have it at home.

Undoubtedly two good options to get started in the world of smart home at a price with which another brand can hardly compete in the market.

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Amazon Echo for only 69.99 euros

The Amazon Echo is perhaps the product that has received the most renewal if we take into account not only the design but also the quality. This fourth-generation Amazon Echo bears little or no resemblance to the previously commercially available version.

Not only do we have full protocol compatibility ZigBee, the most universalized when we talk about the connected home, for example, but it has also received a spectacular redesign thanks to the integration of Dolby Atmos technology, although I honestly do not see the advantages in this aspect.

The new Amazon Echo The fourth generation offers a sound that is not only more powerful than the previous version, but also clearer, and honestly, I have found many differences and improvements with respect to its previous version, especially considering that the price is also lower. It has been slightly increased, although it has not been in this specific Black Friday offer, where we are hardly going to be able to match it.

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In this case The fourth generation Amazon Echo receives an incredible price while supplies last for the duration of Black Friday week.

Fire TV Cube, a rival to the Apple TV for 79.99

Another of the products that has left me with the best taste in my mouth in recent months that Amazon has been launching is precisely the Fire TV Cube, a very consistent response from Amazon to Apple TV.

This product is much smaller, and is shaped like a cube, how could it be otherwise, however where we are going to find a big difference is in the control, this is the most penalized section.

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For its part, the Amazon Fire TV Cube that is on sale during the black friday It has compatibility to 4K resolutionsas well as the possibility of consuming multimedia content both in Dolby Vision as in HDR10, so we will have practically no limitations in this regard.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube It has a small speaker and integrated microphones that will allow you to use it even when the television is off. However, we will also be able to interact with Alexa through the remote, which has its own microphone and button to invoke the virtual assistant.

The truth is that for the price it is difficult to find a rival, even the Google Chromecast with Google TV is far in performance costing something similar. During Black Friday this device It has a brutal price of 79.99 euros, and if you are looking to go one step further, the offer is incredible.

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My experience with the Amazon Fire TV Cube has been very favorable considering the price and capabilities of Fire TV OS, the layer of customization that Amazon has introduced to the Fire TV Cube, which, as you well know, actually runs on Android, which gives us some very interesting possibilities.

Other Amazon deals on Black Friday

These are not the only offers that Amazon has prepared during Black Friday and until consuming all stocks.

These are other Amazon products that also receive spectacular prices:

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The aforementioned ones also have significant discounts if we take into account the price at which they were being offered prior to the offer.