Skype is updated and offers calls via 3G on the iPhone

As we mentioned a few months ago, Skype updated its version for iPhone this weekend offering free calls via the 3G network until the end of August to get paid later using Skype Credits.

Until now with this application we could make calls between our contacts but only if we had a Wi-Fi connection, the possibility of making calls via 3G comes after a lot of pressure from operators, which made Apple does not accept applications with this functionality, but this is something that time would change since VoIP is here to stay and operators will gradually have to accept it.

One thing to keep in mind is that when this trial period is over we will have two ways to make calls from Skype, via Wi-Fi and 3G, but it is important to keep in mind that the calls we make between Skype users over 3G will not be freeas there will be a small monthly fee to pay according to the information provided by Skype in the software update.

As all iPhone applications are available for the iPad, those who have the 3G version will be able to equip their iPad with some features of a phone and make calls to any number, the downside is that at the moment they do not will be able to do it with the application open, since multitasking has not come to the iPad.


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