Skype is evaluating advertising in particular to maintain its economic model

the crates of Skype require a financial injection. VoIP calling service has revolutionized the way we communicate by voice over long distances, providing a free and extremely easy way to chat with anyone anywhere in the world. However, such kindness cannot be sustained by good intentions alone. Skype You need money, and you need it now.

The solution they propose is to open up to third-party advertising, like many other services. Personally, I'm surprised they haven't considered this alternative until now. I wouldn't mind seeing a few banners there, as long as it keeps the rate low and the VoIP model free.

Until now, Skype it was maintained thanks to the service of calls to landlines or traditional mobiles. The rates they use put them in serious competition with some phone companies, now that they have expanded their services with a monthly subscription to around 170 countries. However, maintaining these prices is an unprofitable model that requires more financial support.

As Carlos pointed out a few weeks ago, VoIP is here to stay. Skype this already represents 12% of international calls, and the trend is increasing. Remember that the innovations don't stop either: there is the brand new simultaneous calling service with up to five contacts. If for this you have to turn to advertising, welcome to advertisers!


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