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Sky launches Glass, its all streaming TV

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Sky launches Glass, its all streaming TV

Sky announced its TV, Sky Glass, which allows you to watch all the contents of Sky and NOW in streaming without problems. An evolution of the service of the English broadcaster, which renounce the satellite dish and puts Sky in competition with TV manufacturers like LG and Samsung.

Sky Glass, the TV to stream all Sky content

Sky has not yet announced a hardware partner for the construction of its set, but there are already several features of this TV unveiled to the public. First of all, the new TV not only does without the Sky boxset and the satellite dish. In fact, it aims to provide a complete service in a single device, with the Dolby Atmos which makes the use of a soundbar less important (although we have to wait to hear it with our ears to really understand the audio quality of this TV).

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The TV should come in three different cuts, from 43, 55 and 65 inches, giving options for all living rooms. It seems that the power cord alone serves this TV, a substantial change from the need to connect to the dish. Sky TV will have a resolution in 4K UHD with quantum dot technology, with a vision high dynamic 10-bit range and support for Dolby Vision HDR.

Available in five colors, it will have voice control to eliminate the use of the remote control as well. One device for everything. Dana Strong, chief executive of the group, explained that: “Sky Glass is streaming TV with Sky inside, which provides total integration of hardware, software and content. We believe it is the smartest TV available ”.

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TV doesn’t just provide access to Sky. You can also watch content from Disney +, Netflix and Prime Video on the device, and many other services will be available on a national basis. If you were to cancel your Sky subscription after purchasing the TV, you will lose some functions like voice control.

In our country (and in Germany), Sky already offers a streaming service, Sky Q. This TV coming (for the moment) in the UK represents the evolution of that type of set. Here comes the October 18 in the UK, next year in the other markets. We will keep you updated regarding the Italian availability.