Skoda MOUNTIAQ, the concept car designed by students

In the increasingly competitive automobile market expanded towards large alliances, Skoda does not remain inactive. For almost 20 years the top management of the subsidiary Volkswagen founded a dedicated university where all students have the opportunity to learn the trade and be “launched” into the world of automobiles. Vocational School represents one of these university realities and it is thanks to the students of this engineering faculty that Skoda MOUNTIAQ was born.

The sixth “Student Concept Car”

Thirty-five students, 8 months and 2000 hours of hard work they finally paid. The result is an innovative pickup, based on Skoda KODIAQ, capable of combining off-road spirit with the modern appeal and versatility of a pickup.

Carsten Brandes, head of the ŠKODA Academy, says “As in previous editions, the ŠKODA MOUNTIAQ demonstrates the exceptional technical skills and abilities of our students. Year after year, their work is proof of the excellent quality of professional training at our professional school.”

The base vehicle has been reinforced in its structure and updated with new panels. The doors and bumpers were remodeled to match the new design. The final result is a 5 meter long pickup with a height of 29 cm from the ground. The 17” wheels and special off-road tires blend perfectly with the 2.0 TSI with 190 hp.

Front winch, bull bar, snorkel and Sunset Orange coloring conclude the bad and functional aesthetic of this Skoda MOUNTIAQ. Front winch, creative lighting effects and Sunset Orange paint. The students also added a special sound system with 2000 watt subwoofer. Production started in January and sees the first fruits with the start of summer; It remains to be seen the success of the model and especially the significant capacity of concept cars to inspire future production.

New York in 3D

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