Six people arrested in Chicago for theft from several Apple Stores

Before the launch of iCloud and the protection that allows you to completely block devices associated with an account, iPhone thefts were the order of the day. But the arrival of iCloud and the possibility of completely blocking the terminal in the event of theft or loss, forced friends of others to change their working method. For some time now, what has become popular among thieves is to go directly to the source, i.e. Apple Stores. A few months ago we told you about the case of several thieves who, wearing the official T-shirt of store employees, entered store warehouses and left with a large number of devices. before being arrested they had escaped with loot worth $66,000.

On this occasion, Chicago police arrested six individuals accused of theft from different Apple stores and accused of belonging to a criminal organization. According to authorities, New York residents travel to different parts of the country, rent a vehicle and engaged in fraudulent purchases using stolen credit cards using fake IDs so that they could buy freely in any establishment, but the most used were Apple stores.

According to Chicago police, surveillance was reinforced at the Apple Store in Deer Park where they had been seen regularly in recent weeks. The six people arrested made purchases between Wednesday and Sunday, before being arrested, worth $10,000. Currently, only two of them are in prison without the possibility of release on bail, while the other four members were able to get out until the trial is held by paying a large bond which guarantees their return for the trial.

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But if we look at the robberies that Apple stores have suffered, the one that attracts the most attention is that of an individual who made $309,000 worth of purchases at Apple Stores in Florida using a credit card from a previously closed bank account. It seems that the functioning of banks in the United States has nothing to do with other countries, because here, for example, it is impossible to pay with a debit card if there is no at that moment there is one euro in the account and less than 309,000 dollars in various purchases. .

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