Six lessons to learn from #ApagonTelevisa

Last Friday, I spoke to you about the initiative of #Televisa outagewhich was summoned to users of Twitter Since Mexico not to listen to the television channel's programming as a reprimand for the comments made against the social network in the show Third degree. The original proposal also included opening a response space and an exordium for government agencies to take advantage of social media as a mechanism for citizen communication, instead of blaming it left and right.

What are the results of #Televisa outage? Obviously none. Apart from a few reprimands from national journalism (which, by the way, contribute to aggravating the conflict and not reconciling it), the impact is not calculable. However, the course of events allows us to draw some lessons. As a self-criticism, I share six situations that can be improved in the future for other initiatives of this type, with the desire to contribute even with a grain of sand.

  1. goals: What is the purpose of #Televisa outage? If its function was only cathartic, a cry of relief, well done! However, leaving this type of action in the realm of claims and complaints is a purely futile exercise. The original initiative included the request for a replica space, for an opportunity to demonstrate that social media is not « hate-filled » or « hijacked » by agitators. Unfortunately, the wrong message was sent, dismissing a serious proposal as a mere tantrum.

  2. Direction: That an initiative is created by a group of people does not imply that it lacks direction. Serious error. Democratic initiatives do not imply that everyone leads, but that leaders are elected by group members. Who was behind the head of #Televisa outage? Apparently no one. In the effort not to appear imposing and raise the flag of the movement, no one decided to take responsibility. The case #internetnecessary (often cited as the great success of the activism of Twitter on Mexico) is a sign that organization is essential. The users who decided to put pressure, even going to the Senate, acted as representatives of the cause. Unfortunately, without people to take the lead, the action lost strength and credibility, resembling more of an angry march than an organized protest.

  3. internal acceptance: “There I order them not to destroy any more businesses in my absence. Television was enough this week. These types of posts – some funny, others with more scathing overtones – took over Twitter over the weekend. Just as there were a large number of people supporting the #Televisa outage, there were also a considerable number of people who disagreed. Most of the disapproval came mainly from ignorance of the objectives. It is clear that if a tangible end is not seen, internal acceptance is not guaranteed either. Paradoxically, the Televisa boycott was boycotted from within.

  4. Measuring results: As I mentioned in my previous article, the big flaw is that there is no measurement of results. Some readers pointed out that this situation could have been overcome with the support of other organizations, such as newspapers or market research agencies. Without figures or data to support in any way the actions of the #Televisa outage, the general perception is negative, of a fruitless effort, and above all, of a huge waste of time. Without feedback mechanisms, if the movement achieved any success, it will never be known due to lack of information.

  5. Additional actions: Much has been said that on April 30 additional actions would be announced. Could it be that I haven't been as attentive to Twitterbut I have never seen one. The big flaw with “Twitter activism” is that it stays on the desktop and almost never goes live. Has anyone sent a letter to Televisa requesting the right of reply? Once again, I use the #internetnecesario case as an example, where users opened a space to chat with the Senate. Twitter is used to organize, but it is not a social panacea. 140 characters don't change the world if the person doesn't let go of the keyboard.

  6. Long-term projection: And all this for what ? If it is only a complaint about the declarations of Third degreeI just have to agree with Alvaro Cueva that the Twitter community in Mexico is very thin-skinned and insensitive to criticism. What was he looking for? #Televisa outage? Movements of this type require continuity, future projections, short, medium and long term objectives. Because otherwise, well let's stay with the claim, the complaint and the relief, without claiming anything else.

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