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Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind, announced the sequel to King of Dragon Pass

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind, announced the sequel to King of Dragon Pass

It was 1999 when the role-playing game King of Dragon Pass made it for the first time in its entry into the hearts of so many gamers. Its success and the appreciation that all fans still show for similar titles prompted the designer of the first chapter, David Dunham, to create a sequel, entitled Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind.

Six Ages, an interactive fiction

Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind aims to bring back the typical characteristics of the previous chapter on PC, through the union of a story similar to an interactive fiction and a strategic turn-based basis.

The new title will lead the player to plunge into a hostile terrain, ruled by myth and steeped in blood. The environment, therefore, is not the best, yet the protagonist will have to live with the latter and face all the enemies that populate it, so as to discover all the secrets of the valley and protect his own people.

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A similar storyline might seem generic but, to make each gaming experience unique, it will be the over 400 interactive painted-style scenes, combined with non-binary decision-making.

The Clan is at the base

The central point of the title lies in its own people, or the “clan”. The pourpose of Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind it is in fact to protect the latter from all the dangers present in the valley, thus allowing it to evolve.

Completing the goal, however, will not be easy: the four available worlds (including the one present in King of Dragon pass) will be chock full of creatures and enemies. To defeat them, the player will therefore often have to resort to strategic alliances with other clans and, even more significantly, make decisions that will have long-term consequences.

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Are you eager to defend your clan? To do this, unfortunately, we will have to wait: the release of Six Ages it is in fact scheduled for 2019 on PC via Steam.