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Siri beats Alexa in intelligence but does not beat Google Assistant

Siri beats Alexa in intelligence but does not beat Google Assistant

We can think that this test or test carried out with the different virtual assistants most used in the world is somewhat unstable for several reasons. The main reason for thinking this is that each assistant has a different way of acting and answering our questions, but facing directly and unceremoniously the three most used assistants on the entire planet the one that wins is Google Assistant, followed closely by Siri and finally we have the Amazon assistant, Alexa.

The company in charge of making these questions to the attendees is Gene Munster, which makes a series of identical questions for the three attendees and expects a consistent response. In this case, the bad thing about this test is that it shows that Siri hasn’t come this far in all these years despite being the first assistant we saw on a mobile device, in this case our beloved iPhone.

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The category response table is the best in this case

And it is that not all assistants pull from servers or from our own stored information, well, in this case Siri is one of those that does not do it since Alexa and Google Assistant do rely on our questions to improve and store possible answers related to your servers. That is why the table that we leave behind these lines shows an interesting detail regarding the voice commands that we launch to attendeesthe detail is that Siri wins hands down with 93%.

Regarding the total computation of the questions and answers, we can see that this study in which 800 equal questions were launched to each and every one of the intelligent assistants, Siri answered 83% of them correctly, Alexa 79.8% and Google Assistant 92.9% so it is clear winner in general lines.

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Looking at the data offered by MacRumors, we can see that Siri does improve in its responses after the passage of time and it may be that this, despite being an important improvement, is not too noticeable in the use of the assistant for most users. It is also possible that we do not realize the improvements due to the few questions or functions that we ask Siri to perform, and although it is true that this type of assistant is being used more and more, it is still hard for us to do it in front of other people. . As we see in the graph below Siri has been improving a lot since April 2017 in other similar games, did you notice it?