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Simon Belmont and King K. Rool will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Simon Belmont and King K. Rool will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In a Nintendo Direct presentation that focuses entirely on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it was revealed that Simon Belmont from Castlevania And King K. Rool, antagonist of games Donkey Kong Country original, will be present and playable in the title. They were also revealed new information about Echo characters, new scenarios, new modes and the huge Super Smash Bros. Ultimate music collection.

In addition, starting today it is possible to pre-order aspecial edition of the game which includes a copy of the title and a Nintendo GameCube controller Super Smash Bros. ™ special accompanied by its adapter! Amiibo portraying five recently announced characters have also been officially announced, that is Chrom, Dark Samus, Richter Belmont and obviously Simon Belmont And King K. Rool

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At this link the complete version of the presentation, while they are listed below all the news announced:

Simon Belmont: This character will naturally have the whip as his typical weapon with special moves faithful to the Castlevania series. In the scenario dedicated to him, the Dracula’s Castle there will be candlesticks that will release tools when they are destroyed. Alucard, the tragic hero of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, appears as an assistant and also Richter Belmont, descendant of Simon Belmont, will be featured as an Eco character.

King K. Rool: the beloved villain of the three games Donkey Kong Country can attack with the Cannondrillo, able to shoot cannonballs at opponents, or throwing his crown, which acts like a boomerang.

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Eco characters: Echo characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have moves based on other characters, but visually different. Two other Echo characters in the game are Chrom from the Fire Emblem series e Dark Samus from the Metroid series. These characters can be viewed on the selection screen either separately or along with the character which they echo. In the latter case, you can switch between them by pressing a button.

Scenarios: many of the most popular scenarios updated in design make their return, but obviously there is no shortage of unpublished ones. Among them we find the aforementioned Dracula’s Castle and the New Donk City Town Hall from Super Mario Odyssey. The scenarios will be more than 100, each with versions The ruins and Ω, thus bringing the total of possible choices over 300.

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Change of scenery: again on this theme, it will be possible for the first time to pass switch seamlessly from one scenario to another during the match by selecting the option in the rules.

Music: the Music function allows you to select specific songs for each scenario, choosing them from those of the series from which it is taken. Overall they are present about 900 compositions, for a total of more than 28 hours of music.

Tools: new tools are added, such as the banana gun, the lethal blade, Bomber, the scythe of Death, the stick, the evil mushroom wandering and the angry ray.

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Pokémon: by throwing a Poké Ball it will be possible to make one of the many Pokémon appear, including Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu and the huge Exeggutor of Alola, for help in battle.

Assistants: among the new assistants available there are Zero, from Mega Man X, Knuckles by Sonic The Hedgehog, Krystal from Star Fox Adventures, Rathalos by Monster Hunter, Shovel Knight from the series of the same name and the evil one moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Classic mode: back there mode for one player in which you fight against a series of opponents in different scenarios, specific according to the chosen character.

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Energy mode: In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also encounters in mode Power, where the goal is to reduce the opponent’s HP to zero, are part of the standard ones, along with those In time And *****.

Final Smash Gauge: In addition to the normal Final Smash that can be executed after destroying a Smash Orb, it is now possible to choose whether to activate the Final Smash Bar option. In this case the players will fill the bar during the meeting and once done they can use one Final smash less powerful.

Group smash: in this mode the battles will be 3 against 3 or 5 against 5.

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Tournament: The tournament mode, perfect for parties or events, allows you to involve up to 32 players.

Total melee: for each meeting in this mode it will be mandatory to choose different characters from those used previously, encouraging players to master as many fighters as possible

Work out: Some improvements have been made to the Training Mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, such as one useful grid for measuring the launch trajectory of characters affected by the special moves and the distance covered by them, as well as the damage dealt.

We remind you that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch the December 7.