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Shazam finally integrates with iOS 16 music recognition

Shazam finally integrates with iOS 16 music recognition

The purchase of Shazam by Apple meant a momentous change in the concept of music recognition for the Big Apple. However, the synchronization and integration of the service in the operating systems has not been entirely favorable, especially in recent years, taking into account user requests. The disconnection between the control center and the Shazam app has hampered the usability of the service. It seems that iOS 16 and now iOS 15 introduces a new way of real integration between the app and the iOS control center.

The integration of Shazam with iOS arrives after a long time waiting for it

Currently we can add a direct access to music recognition through Shazam in the control center. However, it is not necessary to have the application installed, far from it. The integration is partial because the synchronization between the control center and the app was non-existent. This means that all the songs detected from iOS, and not from the app, were left in a limbo without registering in the application’s history.

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This in iOS 15, thanks to the app update, and in iOS 16 it has changed. All songs recognized from the control center go to the Shazam history In a direct way. So if we have the app installed we can access all the songs captured from the control center and from the app.

In fact, the integration is also multi-device through the Apple ID, so all recognitions made from any device are reflected in the Shazam app. It is a great advance since one of the problems that existed was that we could not write down the recognized songs in a history and the logical thing, as it happens now, is that the history could be consulted from the app.