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SERIALLY prepares for Christmas with new TV series

SERIALLY prepares for Christmas with new TV series

Seriallythe first Italian streaming platform free dedicated to unreleased international TV series in Italy, it prepares for Christmas with the arrival of new products after having reached an excellent milestone. After only one month the platform reaches the target of 15,000 users expected by the end of the year.

Serially reaches an excellent milestone and prepares for Christmas

On the occasion of the launch, Serially stated the objectives in terms of catalog expansion and number of subscribers to be achieved by the end of the year. Less than a month after its debut, the platform has already reached its goal of 15,000 subscribers which he had predicted for the end of the year.

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From the first days following launch, Serially was caught with great appreciation from the Italian public, so much so as to exceed the expectations of the development plan. The mobile apps, launched for Android and iOS, contributed to further boosting user subscriptions.

These elements, aligned by the all-Italian Serially team, have led to a rapid increase in the daily rate of expansion of registered users. Now the platform is preparing to face Christmas but presses the accelerator on 2022 programming adding 7 international titles.

The new releases of Serially

The Taiwanese title has recently been added Fears, an anthological series of thriller and horror genres, consisting of short episodes that address the theme of everyday fears. Today, November 15, arrives instead Codecentered on a story linked to an app apparently capable of making every wish come true but at a high price.

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Respectable Girls arrives on November 24 and tells the story of a girl left unexpectedly by her longtime boyfriend who retires to a world of crime podcasts and dark fantasy as she tries to rebuild her adult life. Polichinelles is coming on December 1st and is a modern mini story that humorously tackles the theme of the difficulties of two girlfriends who decide to have a child.

December 6 is the turn of Zerosterone. In a post-apocalyptic scenario in which men have no longer existed for 108 years, two sisters are taken hostage. A fugitive will lead them to the last surviving man. Will follow 12 Deadly Days, a spooky Christmas horror / thriller series. The series consists of 12 episodes that will be released daily to accompany Serially users from 12 December until Christmas Eve.

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It then ends on December 25 with the epic TV series Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, a real Christmas gift for all TV series fans. The spectacular series aims to keep all Italians nailed to the sofa, waiting for the news for the 2022.

For more information you can consult the official website.