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Sensational: Tesla cancels the Model S Plaid +, Musk: “It is not necessary”. But there is something more …

Sensational: Tesla cancels the Model S Plaid +, Musk: “It is not necessary”. But there is something more …

At the beginning of the year we told you about the new, improved and enhanced ones Tesla Model S Plaid + and Plaid. If the Plaid with 1000 HP and a range of 630 km has been confirmedalbeit postponed by a week, the most powerful and “autonomous” Plaid +, equipped with 1100 HP and over 800 km of autonomy, has been canceled. The news reaches us directly from Elon Musk, and it may be hiding a lot more than it seems. So let’s find out what’s behind this surprising news of the day.

Tesla Model S Plaid + is canceled, Musk: “800 km are not needed”

As we are now used to with Elon Musk’s cars and designs, the histrionic South African entrepreneur has announced everything through his favorite space, Twitter. In extremis, a few days ago, Musk announced the postponement of the official presentation of the new Model S Plaid by one week. The new, extreme, enhanced and improved version of the Palo Alto sedan will be presented on 10 Juneinstead of the 3 as estimated a few weeks ago by Musk himself.

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Model S goes to Plaid speed this week

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 6, 2021

Remembering this event to all his followers today, in the Italian morning, Tesla’s CEO, however, displaced everyone, announcing the cancellation of the even more powerful and capable version, Tesla Model S Plaid +. Compared to the “normal” Plaid, the Plaid + had already been postponed by one year, to 2022on the occasion of the tenth birthday of the most famous model of the American house.

Plaid + is canceled. No need, as Plaid is just so good.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 6, 2021

Because? The answer comes from the laconic tweet: “It is not necessary. The Plaid is already just as good “. Effectively, on paper, the differences were minimal, or nearly so. From a performance point of view, in fact, both Tesla Model S Plaid + and Plaid share, indeed, they shared the three engineswhich on the Plaid deliver 1020 CV and on the Plaid + they arrivedto 1100 hp. The performance was therefore quite similar, with a 0-100 km / h covered in “less than 2 seconds” for the Plaid, and in 1.8 seconds for the Plaid +. The biggest difference was on the level ofautonomy and of battery. Tesla Model S Plaid + in fact had to use the new 4680 structural cells, lighter, more performing and capacious with the same overall dimensions. The result should have led to a very low weight and to amonstre autonomy of over 800 km.

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These are the characteristics of the car that should have been, but which will never be a reality. The role of top-of-the-range Tesla will therefore be taken by the “normal” Plaidwhich however is already nothing short of crazy, with performance from Hypercar. For Musk, in fact, who replied to his tweet, “the Plaid, which covers 0-60 miles per hour (0-96 km / h, ed) in less than two seconds, it is the fastest production car in the world. She must have lived to be able to believe it. “. We therefore think that with a Plaid already so good, a Plaid + with a little more power, slightly better performance but totally different batteries could be almost redundant, indeed superfluous. In a further tweet, then, Musk called the 800 km range “unnecessary”, with the Plaid capable of over 630 km already “more than adequate”.

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Behind the farewell to Tesla Model S Plaid + possible problems with the new 4680 battery?

All certainly true. But the most informed are also giving a new version to the Plaid + affair. As mentioned, in fact, the Tesla Model S Plaid + uses a new type of battery formed by cells called “structural”, the 4680. Lighter, more performing, faster, but also very complex. And from what leaked from insiders but also from Musk himself in some previous tweets, Tesla appears to be having some headaches in the final stages of developing these new superbugs.

This can already be understood from the launch date of the Plaid compared to the Plaid +. Despite sharing engines and news, in fact, the Plaid does not use the new 4680s, but rather the already proven 2170 batteries produced by Panasonic. Thesewhich arrived in 2021 also on the small Model 3 and Y, they did not give any problem to Tesla, which in fact has scheduled the presentation of the new model, already available for several months, for Thursday 10.

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As stated instead on Tesla’s Battery Day, the new 4680 tabless cells are not yet ready for market debut. Neither Tesla nor Musk have declared the obstacles encountered on the path of these new cells, but given the direct and indirect rumors, everything suggests that in the cancellation of Plaid + there is a hand of 4680, with possible problems of tuning of these batteries, which would appear to be more difficult than expected from the Palo Alto House. And this is a obstacle that Tesla will have to overcome quickly, because the new 4680 batteries are the basis of several fundamental models for the House. On this new architecture they were designed the Cybetruck pickup, the Semi truck and above all the sporty Roadster.

Fear for the new Tesla Roadster, from Halo Car to expendable

Already a few weeks ago, telling you about Tesla Roadster here on techprincess, we had focused on the unexpected delays. Even Musk himself had declared that the Roadster was not “Tesla’s first short-term goal”. Before her come Model Y, the construction of the new GigaFactory in Europe, the debut of Cybertruck and Semi. Could this sudden stop to the first Tesla equipped with 4680 cells also stop the highly anticipated Roadster? It is obviously not sure, as these are rumors and speculations. What is certain, however, is that Tesla is going through a complicated time right now. On the one hand, the successes of Model 3 and Y are reassuringand allow for developments, investments and plans for the future. On the other hand, 4680 cellson which the House bases so much of its future, they will have to be fixed quickly.

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The risk? An incredible overtaking by the traditional houses at Tesla on battery technology, unsuspected only until yesterday. The cancellation of Tesla Model S Plaid + is not a proof of crisis, of course. However, it is a alarm bell for all customers but above all for Tesla itselfwhich absolutely must not sit on its laurels, but continue to work to preserve the role of queen of electric cars that is universally recognized. Will there be more surprises in the future on the Tesla front? Surely now the situation is getting more spicyspicier, and we can’t wait to see the next developments. And you? What do you think? Do you really see Tesla in trouble? Let us know below in the comments!

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