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SEGA announces the new Game Gear Micro

SEGA announces the new Game Gear Micro

While waiting for the “great announcement” of tomorrow, SAW today presented a new device that winks at retrogaming: Game Gear Micro. The beloved handheld console, an old rival to Nintendo’s Game Boy, returns in a mini version with four pre-installed games.

SEGA Game Gear Micro: micro for real

The hit of nostalgia has arrived. Thirty years after its birth, the portable console of the Japanese company makes its return in a format really compact, “mini” precisely. Whether as a child you belonged to the “game boy” or “game gear” faction, you cannot fail to have experienced at least once the thrill of playing with one of the leading SEGA products of those years. After all, it was the only way to try out titles like Sonic in complete mobility, without the need for a home TV.

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The new Game Gear Micro will be released on 6 October 2020, at the moment exclusively for the Japanese market. SEGA has not yet revealed its plans for the western market, but it is highly probable that such a nostalgia operation will not be contained only in the land of the rising sun.

The dimensions of the new console are: 80mm × 43mm × 20mm. A difficult format to handle for those with large hands and fingers.

The new micro console will be available in four different colors: black, blue, yellow and red. However, the color will not be the only difference: each of them are in fact associated with 4 different preloaded titles. Here are the different titles related to the different colors:

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Game Gear Micro Black

Game Gear Micro Blue

Game Gear Micro Yellow

Game Gear Red

SEGA informs us that the price of the Game Gear Micro will be 4,980 Yen, which corresponds to approximately € 40. We really hope that it also enters the Italian market, it would be a perfect travel companion!