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Security cameras: here are all the news from Axis Communications

Security cameras: here are all the news from Axis Communications

Axis Communications announced the news for his security cameras. New cameras, integrated audio systems, panoramic and 360 ° cameras: finding the best solution for the safety of homes and workplaces has never been easier.

Security cameras for all needs

Not all security cameras are created equal. Depending on the position and function, you can choose different solutions to feel safe.

AXIS Q16 Network Camera cameras are the top of the range among those with CS attachment. They offer very high image quality even in poor light conditions. The dual chipset allows the use of advanced analytical software and deep learning. 1080p HDTV up to 120 fps, with faithful colors. The AXIS Q1615-LE Mk III allows sharp images even in the dark without the need for additional light.

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Axis Communications also announces its new range of audio and network speaker products, which will complement security cameras through AXIS Companion software. With the software install the speakers, very useful as a deterrentit will be very simple.

AXIS P3715-PLVE Network Camera is a dual sensor camera, perfect for wide-angle panoramas and detailed zoom views. Even in low light conditions it does an excellent job, giving security around the clock. This solution is easily installed and very flexible. You will in fact have a camera 2X2 MP multidirectional, even with only one IP address. You can rotate it and light a 360 ° with individually controllable LEDs.

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AXIS Q6010-E Network Camera is a high resolution multidirectional camera that can work with any of the AXIS Q60-E PTZ Network Camera security cameras. This model, combined with any Q60-E PTZ, allows you to have a complete picture of the situation, giving a 360 ° view. Who can see every detail thanks to the integrated zoom up to 40x. When one of the four 5MP sensors detects motion, the camera automatically follows the subject.

With AXIS security cameras you can sleep (or go on vacation) peacefully.