Second Hand: Frankie's Revenge coming soon to Steam

The new independent software house Rikodu is about to launch its first title Second hand: Frankie's Revenge. In development since 2016, Frankie's Revenge is a 4-player action video game in online or local co-op.

Players have the opportunity to build their own robot using old items or scraps to transform them into hilarious warriors. Each robot is made up of five main components: the head, legs, body, a primary weapon, and a secondary weapon. Mix the pieces and match the different components according to your preferred play style. Some parts combine automatically to create classic roles such as Tank or Support, but you can freely use the components to create new special classes.

Main Features:

  • Robot fight – Frankie brings exciting robot warrior challenges to the center of the action. Players will have to develop unique skills and winning strategies to survive the furious attacks of the most dangerous enemies such as Senior Cleaners, Formen, Boilees or the bosses Juicy Joe and Le Kraque
  • Customize your war machine – With dozens of parts and hundreds of possible combinations, players can create their own robot that fits their unique play style. Hit enemies with a tennis ball launcher, repair damage with a defibrillator, or cushion blows with a water heater as armor. the possibilities are limitless
  • Where the microprocessor is, there is the house – Customize the Hideout, the players’ HQ. It will be possible to decorate it with the most beautiful scraps and treasures found in landfills to give it that feeling of familiarity.
  • Team work – Although the amount of enemies may discourage you, the cooperative gameplay, local and online, with up to four players, could be the right choice for victory
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Second hand: Frankie's Revenge It was supposed to be released on Steam on May 28 but the team assured that the release was imminent.

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