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Scavolini presents Dandy Plus with Amazon Alexa and BTicino

Scavolini presents Dandy Plus with Amazon Alexa and BTicino

Scavolini presented the Dandy Plus furniture systeminspired by his 1980s Dandy model, created together with the architect Fabio Novembre and embracing the idea of smart home: indeed Scavolini’s Dandy Plus revolves around Amazon Alexa and BTicino.

Dandy Plus: the Scavolini furniture system powered by Amazon Alexa and BTicino

The approach was to imagine a kitchen capable of speaking to a young targetwho feels the need to live the domestic space in a light and innovative way. A therefore “talking” and connected cuisine. Dandy Plus on the one hand recalls the historic Scavolini model, the best seller of the 80s Dandyand on the other it reveals itself as clear homage to Italian design more expressive, characterized by smooth curves, decorative textures and vibrant accent colors. Dandy Plus is the smart evolution of kitchen, living and bathroom that looks to the future.

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From here it was then decided to bring Alexa’s voice inside the home. The intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon which, integrated in the controls BTicino Living Now, proves to be a fundamental ally for interacting and controlling household appliances. But also consult a recipe, entertain yourself with background music and again, order your food online. With Dandy Plus, Scavolini has seized the opportunities of the digital world and realized the first native Alexa inside furniture system.

5 are the bright colors available for all customizable elements: Coral Red, Mustard Yellow, Agave Blue, Prestige White, Slate Black, to which are added Aluminum and Bronze available only for the handles. The latter are made in recycled plastic and are characterized by the particular spherical texture positioned progressively to disappear towards the edge: a peculiarity that generates pleasant tactile sensations.

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The Task Bar is the soul of Dandy Plus

Distinctive feature of Dandy Plus is the Task Barthe equipped bar positioned under the wall units and fixed to the wall on which the smart speaker device is placed which, through BTicino Living Now, it controls the various technological systems within the three environments: bathroom, kitchen and living room. Thanks to the innovative system with integrated Amazon Alexa it’s possible activate the home automation functions with your voice. Then check appliances, lights, shutters, alarm, music and temperature. In Dandy Plus, in fact, the technology present is almost invisible: this is also demonstrated by the wireless charger integrated in the top of the top.

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A dedicated page will soon be added on the Amazon site, with all the information about Dandy Plus and the possibility of creating your own personalized space. After that it will be possible to complete the purchase through the Scavolini shop.