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  • The new edition of the SAS Forum Milan 2019
  • The SAS platform
  • Machine learning and analytics for Rogoredo Forest
  • SAS digital learning

More than 2000 entrepreneurs, managers, experts and data scientists took advantage of the SAS Milan Forum 2019 to discuss the most innovative questions in the field Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and transformation.

The new edition of the SAS Forum Milan 2019

The 14th edition of the long-awaited event SAS Milan Forum 2019organized at the MiCo Congress Center, welcomed more than 2,000 participants including entrepreneurs, managers, experts and data scientists, who took advantage of the event to discuss the most innovative topics in the field of Advanced Analytics , Artificial Intelligence and transformation.

At the basis of the event and the discussions, there was a common thread, that is to say Shape the new – orchestrate your analytics journeyindicating the desire to stimulate a new way of thinking and approaching change, also deriving from the innovative possibilities offered by analytics and artificial intelligence.

During the event, a series of Inside Forums will take place, perfect appointments to listen to those who innovate every day through interviews, round tables, discussions and American panels.

The latter will be accompanied by a series of Data Talks, a special demo area to allow guests to touch the latest SAS technologies and interact with experts, as well as data science escape rooms.

The SAS platform

SAS took advantage of the SAS Milan Forum 2019 to present the latest innovations of its platform, enriched to offer even more innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), computer vision, natural language processing ( NPL) and other technologies to support AI.

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The platform is capable of leveraging natural language generation (NLG) to automatically compare thousands of analytical models and make them visible in simple language, which can then also be used by non-technical users to make business decisions faster.

The updated solution signed by the company will also have the task of making AI more accessible, thanks to a new preview area, better interpretability of artificial intelligence models, open programming interfaces and new content integrated into the portfolio. SASas SAS Visual Investigator and the new SAS mobile investigator.

Machine learning and analytics for Rogoredo Forest

Being part of the underlying theme of the new edition of SAS Milan Forum 2019 and also Smart park 4.0a project which involved students from Forma Mentis InnovAction Prize 2019.

The company wanted to bring to the latter its innovative technologies in the fields of machine learning and advancement
analytical, so as to enable them to develop redevelopment projects for the urban area of ​​the Rogoredo forest.

The projects proposed by the students all focused on applications for the design, development and monitoring of the Bosco di Rogoredo Smart Park 4.0, based on the presence of sustainable buildings, continuous collection of environmental data, analysis of experience visitor customer and marketing optimization. strategies. by monitoring visitor flows.

SAS digital learning

To expand the digital course experience SAS is digital learningthe new site launched on the occasion of SAS Milan Forum 2019 aimed at data scientists, managers, and professionals who want to strengthen their data-driven skills.

The training courses, focused on practical demos, case studies and best practices, will attempt to train data scientists and operational managers in a simple and usable way, in order to better prepare them to face new challenges linked to Intelligence Artificial.

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