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Samsung products: 7 days of discounts on Amazon

Samsung products: 7 days of discounts on Amazon

On Amazon a week full of offers on Samsung products. Until 3 October discounts on smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, appliances and much more. The perfect opportunity to buy a Galaxy Book or a new phone with a brilliant screen. Plus, it’s the perfect time to buy a smart TV and switch to the new digital terrestrial in style. Fans of the Korean brand can celebrate: finally the Samsung bestsellers in promotion!

Our favorite Samsung products

Among the Amazon discounts we have looked for some of our favorite Samsung products that we want to recommend.

Samsung Galaxy M32

Samsung Galaxy M32 is among the discounts of the moment of Amazon. With beautiful Infinity-U displaywith technology Super AMOLED Full HD +, to enjoy content that is always at the highest quality: sharp, clear and with brilliant colors. With multi-camera system high resolution main camera from 64MP. 6GB of RAM for fast and efficient performance, supporting all tasks, 128GB3 of internal memory and a long-lasting battery. On offer a 249 euros.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Among the most discounted earphones we find in Samsung Galaxy Buds Live at 99 euros. Wide and spacious sounds, like live. Thanks to the Open-type design without In-Ear pads and with air vents the sensation of having the ears plugged is reduced to a minimum. Equipped with active noise cancellation, they eliminate external noise. The 3 microphones and accelerometer (VPU) improve voice quality during calls.

Samsung products: the Galaxy Book

The laptop Samsung Galaxy Book is on offer at 779 euros. With Intel Core i5 processor latest generation and card NVIDIA GeForce MX450 2G dedicated graphics, Galaxy Book delivers computational power that’s always up to the task, even for multi-tasking, streaming or graphics-heavy gaming. Two SSD slots allow you to easily expand the storage space if necessary; one slot has a maximum of 512GB, and you can install 1TB of additional storage in the second slot.

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Samsung Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitor

The monitor 27-inch Samsung Odyssey it’s perfect for gamers. With technology Flicker Free which removes screen flicker, and the Eye Saver mode which minimizes blue light emissions. Super fast, with Refresh Rate 144Hz, which eliminates image lag and motion blur for exhilarating gaming sessions with super-smooth action. The feature that makes it special is the possibility to rotate, tilt and adjust the monitor to get a perfect view. The display can be moved freely so that you can find maximum gaming comfort. On sale for only 199 euros.

Samsung products: The Frame 65 ″

A real gem that makes the living room even more modern, what are we talking about? Smart T.V Samsung The Frame thanks to art mode is a real piece of design that allows you to enjoy all the beauty of art. An elegant touch of furniture when turned on is a great TV, and when it is off it becomes a work of art. A new way to have a personal gallery and enrich the living room with the masterpieces of your choice. The QLED screen it has colors and shades of absolute realism to guarantee a unique viewing experience. The 65-inch is on sale 1049 euros.

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Samsung Jet 90

The vacuum cleaner Samsung Jet 90 offers optimal 200W performance, with 5-layer HEPA filtration system, the main cyclone and the grid filter collect the thick dust particles, Jet Cyclone and the microfilter, the smallest and an ultra-thin filter, 99.999% of the microparticles, for a cleaner environment. With replaceable and long-lasting battery: this vacuum cleaner can work up to 60 minutes. You find it discounted at 499 euros, instead of 849 euros.

On the page dedicated to Amazon’s offer, you will find many other Samsung products on sale, including household appliances. If you are curious to find out about the other promotions, take a look and let us know what your favorite product is. Remember: with Prime shipping you can have your purchase in just one business day.