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Samsung Display and the future of OLED screens: here is the website

Samsung Display and the future of OLED screens: here is the website

Samsung is continuing to focus heavily on flexible OLED screens, making large investments in the sector and launching many initiatives on the subject. The last of these concerns the creation of a site of Samsung Displaywhich shows the evolution of OLED screens, examining all the various possible implementations of these components according to the company’s future projects.

Samsung Display and the future of OLED screens

As for the reasons for setting up a website, Samsung Display explained that with theexpansion of the OLED market in markets such as foldable devices or notebook computers, consumer interest in this technology is also on the rise. Therefore, it is starting to become central to provide direct information to consumers, as well as to technology enthusiasts.

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The site focuses mainly on the Flex Series, of which all types of flexible screens are documented. It starts from Flex B, that mounts a screen with vertical orientation and horizontal fold, up to theR Flex, which instead identifies rollable screens. The latter still has rather limited applications, given the high production costs, even though it could potentially represent the future of leaflets.

For the occasion, Samsung also took the opportunity to list a few strengths of its flexible screens. Specifically, the site refers to the minimum radius of curvature R 1.4, unlike competing OLED displays that stop at R 1.5, and UTG glass that guarantees over 200,000 folds, equivalent to 100 folds per day for over 5 years. of uninterrupted use.

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In short, this new portal seems to be in all respects a sort of show of strength on the part of the Korean company, which reaffirms its position in the market and its willingness to maintain its leading role.