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Sales of PlayStation 5 exceed expectations

Sales of PlayStation 5 exceed expectations

Sony exceeds the sales projections: they have arrived in our living rooms 7.8 million PlayStation 5despite the difficulties in securing stocks in stores. Meanwhile, the units of PS4 come in at 115.9 million: one step away from the podium of the best-selling consoles of all time.

PlayStation 5: sales exceed 7.8 million units

Sony announces first quarter 2021 financial results with resounding success. They knew the PlayStation 5 would sell well but the 7.8 million units sold exceed expectations by 200 thousand pieces. Since the beginning of 2021, 3.3 million PS5 have arrived in the homes of gamers. An excellent result, when you consider the stock limitations this year in which getting your hands on consoles and PC components was more complicated than ever.

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PS4 also continues to sell a million units, bringing the total to 115.9 million. A historic result: the console approaches the number of GameBoy (and Color) sold by Nintendo in the 90s, one step away from the podium. And among the “living room” consoles it is behind only PS2, unattainable with over 155 million units sold. Also because in the first months of 2021 we saw a physiological drop in PS4 productiondue to the exit of the next gen heir.

Excellent results for Sony

Beyond the historical ranking, which may interest us fans, Sony can boast excellent results for the beginning of this year. As of March 31, 2021 they are 47.6 million PlayStation Plus subscribersan increase of 6.1 million compared to last year. These are important numbers: the console war of this generation is played on online and streaming services.

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In the last quarter of 2020 the software for PS5 and PS4 sold 61.4 units, down from last year (but still impressive). 7.9 million were first-party stocks. The 79% of sales are digital downloads of the gamesup from 68% last year.

Sony reports a large number of PlayStation 5 sales and excellent results in services. And we’re sure these numbers will increase when stores have enough availability of the new console for launch offers and promotions.