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Sabrina Salerno supports the Animal Equality charity auction

Sabrina Salerno supports the Animal Equality charity auction

For the second consecutive time Sabrina Salerno returns to support Animal Equality Italy donating a valuable prop at the organization’s charity auction. Until June 1st, the Charity Stars platform will allow you to purchase the denim jacket worn by the showgirl during the filming of “Ricomincio da 2”. The program, which saw the participation of Raffaella Carrà, was very famous in the nineties, and this will probably convince users to make a substantial donation.

Animal Equality: Sabrina Salerno donates her jacket to the charity auction of the organization

To renew her love for animals Sabrina Salerno has chosen to participate in the Animal Equality Italia charity auction. The showgirl has decided to donate the denim jacket worn during the filming of “Ricomincio da 2”. An oversized cut and a hand-drawn Tweety motif on the back perfectly complement the Salerno style. If you are interested in buying it, consider that the starting price is set at € 200. But we are quite certain that the price could rise dramatically.

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During the first auction, which was also attended by actress Rosita Celentano, Salerno had donated several items of clothing including a personalized denim jacket with Disney motifs which was auctioned for € 800. A truly remarkable success, which convinced the showgirl to renew her support for the organization. Indeed, on this occasion Salerno will also collaborate with the headquarters of Animal Equality Spaina country in which it is very much appreciated by fans.

The purpose of the organization is quite clear: to raise as many funds as possible to support the organization’s work, its value and its principles. Clearly, Sabrina Salerno’s support at the charity auction is key to achieving this goal. And given the past successes, we’re pretty sure it will.