RoomMate: what it is and how it works, the app for roommates


  • What is RoomMate
  • What the app offers
  • The story of the innovative app

Living with roommates can be stressful, especially when it comes to managing expenses and household chores. Trying to reverse the situation is Roommatethe application designed to make sharing life easier.

What is RoomMate

Life between roommates is often difficult and full of turbulence, often because of the sharing of household chores, commissions and especially payments.

It is a useful tool to make sharing apartments and spaces much easier and more enjoyable Roommatea free downloadable application on both Google game be certain App store.

In fact, the application offers daily a series of features and services specially designed to make coexistence management more efficient.

What makes this tool suitable for all needs is its ability to combine several functions and tools within the same application, also guaranteed by the partners to whom the application entrusts it for the provision of certain services!

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What the app offers

How can an app make managing coexistence much easier? Simple, through a few pillars, but fundamental!

Roommate in fact, it offers various possibilities in terms of:

  • Management of expenses, through options to organize and divide them automatically, as well as to keep the debt and credit situation within the apartment under control;
  • Control of invoices, with monitoring of payments and consumption of public services, with the possibility of sharing recurring expenses with roommates;
  • Cleaning, thanks to the possibilities of coordinating it between roommates, as well as ensuring that everyone does it;
  • The list of commissions, perfect for staying up to date with what's happening inside the house.
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The application also allows you to take advantage of a series of services, including Wine deliveryfor the delivery of beer and wine, Easy feeling for house cleaning Garden rental to organize exclusive parties.

The story of the innovative app

The application has its roots in the desire of three friends, namely Matteo Bucci, Mirko Martignon and Mattia Raffaelli, to eliminate all those problems that risk making coexistence between friends difficult and difficult to manage.

What allowed this idea to develop and grow was an incubation period in Almacubeor the incubator of the University of Bologna, which then evolved into the actual launch of the application in September 2017.

The first recognition took place in March 2018 on the occasion of theInnovation Dayevent during which Roommate was declared the best startup among more than 180 ideas presented.

The route then continued to Nana Bianca, startup accelerator and Italian excellence in its field in Florence, which supported the application in its development and distribution journey, allowing it to expand its presence in some of the largest university cities (e.g. Bologna, Milan, Florence, Turin and Padua).

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