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  7. RON – NVIDIA introduces its voice assistant (April Fool)

RON – NVIDIA introduces its voice assistant (April Fool)

RON – NVIDIA introduces its voice assistant (April Fool)

Like every year, the first April it only means one thing: April fools by tech giants. The “scherzone” for this year by NVIDIA consists of the announcement of the new virtual assistant RONwhich will “help” users in every aspect of their life from gamer.

NVIDIA’s RON Assistant

In the video, starring the actor and popularizer Julian Huguet, we are gradually introduced to the functions of the new assistant, from the more “normal”, such as availability in 18 languagesup to the most absurd, such as the ability to automatically reply to online comments.

The well-known comedian of the film is immediately evident, with nonsense phrases in French, Spanish and Chinese as a demonstration of the device’s multilingual capabilities. Also for the “coaching” functionality, where the assistant helps the player to improve his skills, there is also the joke: “Julian, I have analyzed your last 412 drops and your best plays were when you landed in the Bunker and, well… you hid. “

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The sketch continues to degenerate with functionality RageConvertercapable of converting insults and screams into messages of support for your teammates, e Troll Destroyer, capable of exhausting online trolls with arguments to the bitter end. Finally, to avoid distractions from friends and family, functionality TalkBlock is able to distract them so that they cannot interrupt your gaming sessions.

In short, an April Fool not particularly deceptive but certainly very elaborate and fun. What do you think about it? Would you like RON to be a real product? Or is it better to stay the joke it is?