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Romanzo Criminale, the TV series about the Magliana band – Why watch it?

Romanzo Criminale, the TV series about the Magliana band – Why watch it?

Criminal novel is a TV series from 2008 which is inspired by the judge’s novel of the same name Giancarlo De Cataldo. This is the second adaptation of the novel, after the film directed by Michele Placido: for some reason it managed to become one of the most famous Italian TV series ever. Although more than ten years have passed, it is still talked about. Let’s find out then why you should watch this series.

Criminal Novel: the Magliana gang – Why watch it?

The TV series is inspired by the Band of the Maglianaa mafia criminal organization born and operating in Rome, from 1977 to 1992 approx. The name of the band, attributed by the press, derives from the Roman quarter where some of the founders and members resided. It is considered the most powerful And violent criminal organization that has ever operated in Rome.

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Founded in the second half of the seventies, it is the first Roman criminal organization to unify it in an operational sense jagged reality of the local underworld, which until then had been made up of small groups of criminals. The names used within the novel, and therefore also in the TV series, are fictitious.

The TV series consists of two seasons in which, in the first, more space is given to crime scene and at gang businesses. In the second, instead, the background of each character he was born in crimewhat their endeavors have caused and how each member reacts.

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One of the main features of Romanzo Criminale – The series is the fidelity maintained with the facts narrated in the novel. The series is inspired by a work that he does not want to narrate the events that happened in detail in those years. Its purpose is to offer one instead own re-interpretation of what happened. At the same time he wants to involve viewers, allowing them to broaden their knowledge of news events of those years.

The TV series is faithful in Historical reconstruction, with the scenography and the settings and, at the same time, it offers a impactful narrative structure And iconic. We not only have an overview of the crimes committed by the gang or the criminal organization itself but we can also observe, up close, the personal events of the memberswhat happens in theirs private lives and what they think.

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The components of the Banda della Magliana were built in such a way accurate And detailedoffering the public one double vision of each character. We have, for example, the Lebanese: the leader of the gang, tremendous and cunning but we also have Pietro Proiettia man who would do anything to help his mother have a better life.

Each of them follows a well-defined path which allows the public to get to know them in detail. Each character mature over the course of the two seasons and it’s impossible not to empathizeat least once, with them and some events that touch them closely.

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The details and the atmosphere that make the difference

Romanzo Criminale boasts a stellar and amazing cast. Most of the actors are indeed emerging and is at his first significant experience. However, this did not stop them from offering masterful interpretationsto give thickness And personality to the characters and to show themselves to theheight of hard work.

But this TV series not only offers an incredible cast but also an entire cast formidable troupewhich has managed to offer viewers the Rome in the early 1980sby gently pushing the button of the nostalgia for those who lived through those years to the full. Each shot, a hidden alley of the Eternal City, exudes history and beauty.

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Accomplice of this beauty is also the variety of scene objects, clothes, hairstyles And little details of that period that make Rome even more resplendent. All these elements, moreover, allow the spectators to dive into the everyday life of the 70s / 80s. Not only the exteriors but also the interiors of the gang’s houses and hangouts were recreated according to fashion.

It seems to be catapulted into the past, with elegance and style.

There plotstrongly inspired by real events, flows in fluid way and allows the viewer to follow each event carefully. Moreover, the series scores aimportant turning point in the production of Italian TV series and is able to show the incredible skills of Italian producers and directors. In each episode, which develops the story slowly and in detail, you can feel the commitment of the director and producers, as well as the commitment of the actors.

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The series turns out to be a complete product, well made and which, unfortunately, has achieved the success it deserved many years after its release. Despite this it remains one of the best Italian TV series in recent years which, moreover, has also been highly appreciated abroad.

Such a product it cannot remain hidden in a corner. We believe that everyone should give this TV series a chance that is still being talked about after ten years. If you are curious and want to see the series, both seasons of Romanzo Criminale are available on the NOW streaming platform.